Car rental company launches Tesla fleet in CA, NY, NJ with Model 3 for $995 per month

Car rental company Kyte launches Model 3 rental services in the US

Car rental company Kyte is launching the subscription plan for Tesla Model 3’s Long Range All-Wheel-Drive trim level. It will be made available for customers at the $995 monthly rental option. In the US, it will be available in locations- Brooklyn in New York, Jersey City, California, and Manhattan.

Car rental company launches Tesla fleet in CA, NY, NJ with Model 3 for $995 per month
Image credits- Gulf Business

The rollout of Kyte’s Tesla Model 3 fleet is “the next milestone in a series of impressive successes by the California-based company,” Kyte said in a release. The Model 3 fleet will soon make its way to all fourteen of Kyte’s current markets.

Prices start at $995 for the Model 3, which will get a customer for one month with the all-electric sedan. Three-month terms cost $1,350 per month and six months for $1,125 per month. Each rental term price includes maintenance, insurance, registration, and roadside assistance. The advantage of the subscription service is the Tesla experience without the hassles of ownership and the long-term commitment, Kyte said. “Kyte’s offering will allow customers to reap all the benefits while avoiding the challenges – no maintenance and no lock-in. What’s more, for those that come to love the performance of their Tesla, Kyte provides the option to extend subscriptions flexibly at any time.”

Subscription programs

Subscription programs give flexibility to those who may want to rent a car for a shorter period without the long commitments of actual ownership. However, they’re also very suitable for traveling workers who are in cities for months at a time. Instead of offering gas-powered rental vehicles, Teslas and other EVs are beginning to appear as options in rental company fleets more frequently. While Kyte is the most recent option, the most notable is likely Hertz, who recently added Model Y vehicles to its EV lineup.

“Being able to expand our fleet and amplify EV adoption is mission-critical. We don’t want to only be innovators in how we give people access to cars, but we want to be a catalyst for the rapid change going on in the transportation industry as a whole,” Erik Zahnlecker, Director of Product at Kyte, said. “This rollout is pivotal to our growth strategy and core to our electrified, autonomous, and shared vision.”

Furthermore, Kyte said its purpose initially was to give people a short-term rental experience with a variety of options. Now that it has EV offerings, Kyte is adding another layer of customer-centricity and technology-powered operational excellence, it said. “The introduction of this new offering is not only unique, it’s affordable – proving you don’t need to overspend to experience the premium electric vehicle market.”