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Apple Wallet to get certified COVID-19 vaccination cards

Apple Wallet


COVID-19 has changed all of our lives and not just on the outside, the pandemic has changed our lifestyle and inculcated habits that are not likely to wash out for years. The pandemic has caused people to re-think everything from a safety point of you and even after 2.5 years since the coronavirus outbreak, people are following strict norms and getting vaccinated to keep themselves and others around them, safe.

Having said that, precautionary measures are still underway, especially in public places and certain venues where they require your vaccination proof. These venues could be weddings, schools, universities, offices, public gatherings, and much more. So, it is advisable to carry a physical copy of proof of vaccination, just carry it in your wallet to get entry in places where they require proof of vaccination.

According to recent reports, Apple is making that easier for us by integrating the COVID-19 vaccination report in our Apple Wallet. There is a good chance that you will be asked to show your proof of vaccination in order to enter your office building and there you have it, on your iPhone’s Wallet application, easy-peasy, right!

Reports suggest that Apple is bringing this new feature to the iPhone sometime with the next software update. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, this new feature will work in association with the international SMART Health Cards standard which is already issued in several states, to produce proof of vaccination, sign it with a digital private key and then create a public password to verify your information, which later you can add to your Apple Wallet for maximized convenience.

Apple, however, has become quite pertinent on its privacy and data security norms. The company, in no way, wants to let loose of what’s important and maybe that is why the company enjoys such a massive fan loyalty. The latest iOS 15 update allows users to add their COVID-19 certificate in the Health app using similar standards, and users can receive their records through secure QR codes, downloadable files, and others.

The iPhone maker says that this data will be encrypted, meaning that the company will not be able to see your information, and only you can do that. The data transferred from your iPhones will also be encrypted and 100 percent secured.

Anyhow, it is very much possible that in the coming month or so, venues would make it a mandate to show COVID-19 vaccination proof even for something as small as watching a movie in theatres where you can just pop out your iPhones and get approved by showing your proof of vaccination.

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