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Apple Watch Pro will be featuring a shatterproof display and more
According to analysts, the tough Apple Watch Pro would include a titanium casing and a shatter-proof display.

Apple Watch Pro will be featuring a shatterproof display and more

Apple Watch Pro will be featuring a shatterproof display
Image Credits: Asif Patel

There have been many such reports which claim that the upcoming new smartwatch by Apple will be refreshing its entire watch series lineup to the latest and great series 8.

As far as the latest reports are concerned, it’s been said that there are going to be three different models for the smartwatches for the upcoming Watch series 8 which includes the regular Watch Series and a revamped new SE option for the watch series 8 and even a new addition for this year which is the rugged variant of the watch series 8 will be coming. 

Watch Pro series from Apple first ever appeared by Apple back in 2018. Although the smartwatch from Apple is usually known for its rectangular design language, this time also we will get to see its new Watch Series 8 featuring the same old rectangular design language only. And, adding to this, you will get a flat-sided display too.

Apple Watch Series 8 Pro Rugged Edition 

There have been so many claims regarding the rugged edition of the Apple Watch Serie 8 series, where it’s been said that the smartwatch will be coming with a slighter better, and bigger display which will be exactly 7% percentage bigger than the 1.9inches display panel from the Watch Series 7 display from the 45mm model.

However, with the rugged edition, you will be getting an extra layer of protection for its display which will be making it even shatter resistant too.

To support this durability of the smartwatch, the new rugged edition smartwatch will be coming with a durable yet lightweight aluminum body too. In addition, you will also get to see a slightly better capacity as compared to the previous models of the smartwatch series Apple.

More such additional features are expected to be featured with this new rugged edition smartwatch, one of the main features you can find in this rugged edition smartwatch will be a “Body Temperature Sensor” where you will be able to measure your body temperature during your activities.

Also, reports are claiming that Apple will be coming up with a blood pressure sensor and glucose monitoring sensor too, which will be coming for the next coming smartwatch models.

What will be the pricing?

As far as pricing for the smartwatch is concerned, its’ been said that this rugged edition smartwatch will be priced for the tag of $900. Although, this detail is yet to be confirmed by Apple.



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