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Apple will add two new Siri voices in iOS 14.5, users to select male or female

Apple Siri

Source: Patently Apple

Apple Inc., the iPhone maker had made several developments and phenomenal products in the past years and Siri, its voice assistant application has grown to be more natural and helpful over the years. Well, the company is all about improving and enhancing its services to provide its users with the best possible experience.

Having said that, Apple Inc. has recently announced to introduce two new Siri voices in their upcoming iOS 14.5 upgrade. Yes, ever since the iPhone maker has introduced Siri, the default voice of Siri has always been a female voice and that is about to change with Apple’s latest software update.

As mentioned in a report by TechCrunch, with the company’s latest iOS 14.5 beta, Apple is introducing two brand-new English-Speaking Siri voices- male and female which the company claims to be more natural than its predecessor. Unlike previous years, iPhone users will now get a choice selection to pick between the two new Siri Voices, users can choose their favourite while setting up their iOS device.

Siri has been an integral part of the Apple ecosystem which has also been extended to Apple’s HomePod devices- the smart speakers. The service has grown to be more responsive in these past few years and Apple is really looking forward to make it more natural. In order to achieve its goal with Siri, Apple Inc. is also recruiting new talent for their brand-new Siri voices and as mentioned in a report by Engadget, the company later ran their voices through its Neural text to speech engine. These new Siri voices should sound more natural with smoother transitions and better inflection, according to the report.

However, it is not just about adding two new Siri voices, Apple has also made more improvements with its iOS 14.5 update, with the latest beta, default Siri voices in Russia, Ireland and Italy have also upgraded with the neural text to speech engine which makes these voices more natural to talk and respond.

According to Engadget, Apple Inc. mentioned in a statement that it is excited to introduce two new Siri voices for English speaking users and the option to let users select the default voice- male or female while setting up their device. The Apple speaker further added that this upgrade is a continuation of the company’s long-standing commitment to inclusion to diversity.

In recent news, Apple’s World-Wide Developers Conference 2021 is tipped on June 7th in an online-only event. Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the latest iOS 15, MacOS 12 and other updates.




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