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Want To Converse With Your Pet? AI Is Bringing That Future For You

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you can chatter with your beloved dog or cat, like with any other human beings? Does the idea of gossiping with your pet seem a bit romantic to you?

Recent advancement in the Artificial Intelligence has hinted its possibility even though it would be limited. In the past, we gained assistance from this technology in decoding ancient languages. Some scientists are now experimenting on infusing animal vacillation and facial expressions in the form of a language comprehendible to human beings. And, the foundation of this possible future innovation would be the technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Now, let’s know a bit more about scientists’ innovative endeavor to presume the future relationship we would have with our pets or other animals.

Translation Technology of Artificial Intelligence

While the requirements of significant expenses can be one of the issues of this future innovation, one of the fundamental technologies assisting experts in weaving its inception is natural language processing. At present, powered by NLP technology, a machine can become eligible to comprehend human beings. But, some are putting their optimism with the idea that its capabilities can be improved.

This technology’s higher potential can be achieved by going through animal language databases and designing deep learning models. Some scientists also believe that the AI system power the Google Translate can bring scientists almost to their destination.

The technology would be more understandable if you refer to Gmail tools, where we get spelling checks and possible sentence ending suggestions through AI. And, with more time, this technology would be going towards more outstanding excellence.

Many industries have adopted this technology, and many more are on the verge of doing so. The list includes the online casino industry as well. In this case, even without AI, there are online casinos capable of providing more accessibility with its enriched gaming library, promotional offers, and extensive security protocols. 

Why would Decoding Animal Language be An Useful Invention? 

Decoding animal language will make them way closer to humans, giving birth to a more significant empathy note to create a better for their conservation and well-being. Some researchers in conserving and protecting elephants in Africa are also using some Conservation matrices based on Silicon Valley.

Another significant usage of decoding the animal language can be in animal husbandry. Using this technology, farmers who pet animals can identify which animals are sick and need medical attention. This technology’s utilization will be more comprehendible by highlighting the fact that Artificial Intelligence has already learned how to spot pain in sheep. A team of veterans has created a protocol using which AI can now identify and estimate the pain through facial expressions.

Although this innovation couldn’t pass the test of time consumption, a scientist team from the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom automated this task, making it less time-consuming than it used to be before.


To Dr. Constantine Slobodchikoff’s account, the most credit of starting the research for decoding animal languages should go. The man took prairie dogs and invested over thirty years in researching their communication methods. This endeavor afterward steered him towards developing a company named Zoolingua in 2018. Gavagai AB should be another company worthy of being mentioned here because of its work on combining Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry with AI. CHAT is one of the best and first animal translators utilized in understanding the meanings of dolphin whistles.



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