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Apple’s next event could be announced for October 12, 2021

Apple Event

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Apple events are the most excitement-filled times for technology enthusiasts as everyone in the industry, even the competitors are waiting for what is going to be the next piece of technology from Apple. Well, the September event was a great success with the launch of Apple’s next iteration of iPhones- the iPhone 13 line-up.

Prior to the launch event, just like every year, there were a number of speculations and leaks from certified Apple leakers, and to be honest, some of them were pretty accurate like the iPhone 13’s camera design. However, the September 14th launch event wasn’t everything that we were hoping for and analysts are expecting the next Apple event to be announced for October 12th.

Everything we know Apple is releasing in its October event:

October is usually the month where Apple launches its MacBook line-up and new iPads, and since the iPad was covered in the September event this year, we are hoping for the new AirPods, new MacBook Pro redesign with the next generation of Apple Silicon, and much more.

AirPods 3:


It has soon been speculated that Apple is going to release its next generation of AirPods and we have been waiting for so long. It could be called the AirPods 3 but you never know. Another possible name suggested in several reports is the “AirPods Lite” which is highly unlikely. The design of the new AirPods could be similar to the AirPods Pro but without the Active Noise Cancellation feature which makes it in-ear and budget-friendly. The new AirPods could be priced similar to the current AirPod 2.

14-inch MacBook Pro:


Apple’s MacBook Pro needs a redesign, not that it is not great already and better than almost every other high-performing Windows laptop, it still requires a display upgrade. Apple is expected to launch the new redesigned MacBook Pro with a 14-inch display while pushing the bezels right to the edge. The new MacBook Pro could also be getting Apple’s new processor- ‘M1X’. Of course, the name is not official.



Apple is also rumored to launch a redesigned Mac mini with an upgraded Apple silicon chip. The Mac mini upgrade is highly anticipated this year and Apple would not want to disappoint its fans. It could be called the “Mac mini Pro”!

Other than this, the iPhone maker is also expected to announce the launch date for macOS Monterey which it is rumored to announce alongside its new MacBook line-up.

What are you most excited about, and if you are planning to buy a MacBook, you might just wait for a couple of days for the new one.



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