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Apple’s next iPhone launch scheduled for 13th October

Apple’s “Time Flies” event bought a lot of cool updates, but one thing it missed out on was the iPhone 12 series. From the usual launch time of iPhones in September every year, it was pushed back to October due to production delays. But, now finally Apple’s next iPhone event launch has been scheduled for 13th October. Apple officially confirmed the event date by posting an invitation captioned “Hi, Speed”.

iPhone 12 launch event

The iPhone 12 launch has been scheduled for 13th October, 10 AM(PDT). This time converts to 10:30 PM IST. We are expecting Apple to launch four new iPhones this year with the iPhone 12 mini being the new addition to the family. The iPhone 12 mini is rumoured to be a 5.4-inch device, and the device’s main USP will be its compact form factor.

Speaking about the bigger and the more premium models, the largest iPhone is going to be of 6.7 inches. All devices will support 5g, but there’s a catch. The top model, iPhone 12 pro max (expected) is going to support mm-wave 5g while the other models will have sub 6 GHz networks.

Apple's new iPhone launch

Image Source: Forbes

Another big expected feature was the 120Hz refresh rate on the new devices. But, reports suggest that the new devices won’t be getting the fast refresh rate after all. If anyone was waiting to buy the new devices because of the fast refresh rates, then you have to wait for another year.

An important change in this year’s devices might be the design. Reports suggest that iPhone 12 lineup might go back to its roots in terms of the design. Its chassis is rumoured to have flat edges like the iPhone 4 and 5. This is good news for those who wanted a more substantial design and don’t like the curvy designs.

Other devices launching in the event

Apple's next iPhone launch

Image Source: Creative Bloq

Apple is not going only to launch the iPhones this October. Reports and events suggest that Apple will also be launching new over-ear headphones, a cheaper home pod and also Air tags. These launches are almost confirmed because Apple removed many such products from their store. This was to make room for their own ones.

Let’s wait and see how the event goes and how high (pun-intended)  Apple prices their new lineup of devices. What are your thoughts on Apple’s next iPhone launch event? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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