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Apple’s steadiness and data sharing features enter new eldercare demographics


Source: Apple

Apple is one of the most innovative technology companies in the entire world and just recently at the World Wide Developer Conference, the iPhone maker introduced some new features on the iPhone and Apple Watch that comfortably assist the eldercare demographics. Allow me to elaborate.

Two of the most important and useful features that could cater perfectly to older adults are Walking Steadiness and the ability to share the Health app’s data with family members or anyone you want; it can be a doctor who needs to keep tabs on your health and fitness.

Falling is a major risk with older adults which can be the main reason for serious injuries and deaths and Apple’s new feature can detect that for you. As mentioned in a report by The Verge, researchers say that they can do a very good job at analysing and studying walk patterns and steadiness but in the real world, it becomes a real challenge because there isn’t any handy equipment that people can carry and use all the time with them.

Well, now Apple can do that for you and this Steadiness feature will definitely be very helpful for older adults. Apple’s new walking steadiness feature is intended to calculate and estimate certain metrics like walking speed, the time when both feet are in contact with the ground and even the length of each step to monitor how stable a user is walking. However, this feature will not work with the Apple Watch but with your iPhones in the back pocket because they are in better contact with your hips as you are walking.

In case Apple estimates that your walking is far from stable and you have a higher risk of falling, you can always consult a physician or ask for some stability movements to better mobilise your muscles and joints to improve upon your walk for the future.

As mentioned in a report by The Verge, Apple also has a built-in fall detection feature that automatically alerts your emergency contact in case the user is immobile for more than a minute. Apple says that these predictions are based on data collected during a clinical study that included over 100,000 participants from all age groups and demographics.

Other than this, there is data sharing. Apple users can now choose to share their Health app data with family members and this feature will also be highly beneficial for older adults who don’t necessarily have to care about the latest technology on their wrists. Any adult in the family can keep tabs on the older adult’s health statistics and ensure their safety and health at all times.

It is good that Apple has thought of eldercare demographics as there are extremely limited companies that cater to this section of the userbase.



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