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Aptera Releases New Video Featuring Truly Futuristic EV
Aptera shows-off it's EV with 1,000 mile range and other extravagant features.

Six Months after its announcement, Aptera is back with more details. As the new video shows, the three-wheeler EV with solar power option is futuristic. Which is ultra-light, ultra-efficient, and ultra-futuristic in design.

First Look: Aptera 2e

First look of Aptera 2e. Image credits- Aptera

As the lady in the video drives Aptera’s futuristic three-wheeler, she doesn’t multiple things throughout the day. Travel long-distance, easy usage, enough backspace with hatchback tent. From afar the vehicle looks like a spaceship, and like a tiny pod. However, on the inside, it is spacious and comfy.


Six months ago, only a few details were known. It was known as a car, that wouldn’t need charging at all if it has enough exposure to the sun, with limited battery range. Which is enough for the vehicle to be used on daily basis within city limits on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the company says that the vehicle has solar panels, “designed to harvest enough sunlight to travel over 11,000 miles per year in most regions.”

Additionally, inside the car, there is an infotainment screen in the front. And the highly engineering design is such that the aerodynamics makes it possible to run smoothly with lightweight technology.

And the vehicle is made of Carbon, Kemp, and Kevlar. Aptera is a 172″ long vehicle with a 25 cubic feet capacity. Further, the width and height measure 88″ and 57″ respectively.

The solar built vehicle has 180 solar cells on the top. With solar alone, Aptera can travel 45 mile-range daily.

The Solar-Powered, Three Wheel Aptera Never Needs to Be Charged – Robb Report

Aptera solar cells. Image credits- Aptera

Being the three-wheeler, it is not a car, more like a motorcycle. Thus reducing the overall cost of the vehicle. Initially, they planned for a 4 seater and a 6 seater model.


It is not an early-stage start-up, they have been in the industry before all the current EV manufacturers entered. Back in 2005, Aptera didn’t have enough funds to get by. And eventually, halt its research and other developments.

However, the start-up seems to be getting ahead of its lost years in the past. They are set to make deliveries by end of 2021.

A basic 250 range Aptera Electric vehicle costs about $25,900. It doesn’t have the solar power option. For the solar-powered vehicle, it costs about $44,900. Which is very affordable considering the range.

For now, their customer service seems to be top-notch. As they also provide a “never charge” calculator. It tells the user when to charge, on a yearly basis.

Also, buyers get to choose their own design like interior color or exterior color. Around 2-3 options are available currently for pre-orders.



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