Aptera looks to potentially adopt Tesla’s Charging Connector for its vehicles

Aptera would be attempting to use Tesla J1772 charging connector

A recent interview with Aptera Co-CEOs revealed that Aptera would be attempting to use Tesla J1772 charging connectors. The production vehicles will have the adaptability option. In the interview, it was asked whether the prototype currently has Tesla charging connector. Also about the production vehicles having the same connector.

Aptera looks to potentially adopt Tesla’s Charging Connector for its vehicles
Image credits- InsideEVs

CEO Chris Anthony revealed that he has been a huge fan of the connector. It seems that his goal since the start has been to use the J1772 connector all along. Anthony pointed out the easy use of the connector, and also the compatibility with different charging speeds. Aptera vehicles have a unique design, the J1772 connectors go along with the design as well.

This is one of the many features Aptera will be offering to its customers. The vehicle could set a significant disruption in the EV space if the vehicle were to be successfully mass-produced. The specification is stated on Aptera’s website. They claim that the vehicle’s shape leads to a coefficient of 0.13. Furthermore, the in-hub motors and top-of-the-line version will have a range of 1000 miles. The version with 1000 miles range will have solar panels, allowing the vehicle to have an additional range than the battery capacity. It could possibly run without being plugged in as well.


The company is even offering add-ons to their upcoming vehicle; tents, off-road modifications, etc. While these claims may have seemed far off in the not-too-distant past, companies like Lightyear are echoing the praises of roof-mounted solar. And according to Aptera’s most recent press release, they may be closer than ever to production. The brand will be partnering with Slovenian motor manufacturer Elaphe to produce in-hub motors and will be building a 160,000-square-foot R&D facility as part of the deal. This may mark the most concrete news in Aptera’s history; the super-efficient solar car may be here sooner than expected.

“When it first unveiled the new vehicle in 2020, a prototype featured a Tesla connector, it caught our attention since this is a proprietary connector.”Two years later, Aptera still has the hope to use Tesla’s connector said Chris Anthony, Aptera Co-CEO, during a new Q&A, “Years ago, we saw the evolution of the J1772 connector and I think we all marveled at the inadequacy of the connector. It was big and clunky, and it looks like a hairdryer. It wasn’t elegant at all. Then one Tesla brought up their plug and it was beautiful, elegant with a little handle that you can easily plug into your electric vehicle.”