Are you a memer? Earn by using MemeChat

We all love memes, but often we undervalue those who create them. Well, the Memechat app is going to change that. It helps memers earn money from brands using their creativity. Memes are so popular nowadays that having such an app is a boon for many. Creativity should always be rewarded, and the app does explicitly that.

The app was founded by two SRM students Taaran Chanana and Kyle Fernandes studying Computer Science. They graduated in 2020 and have been developers for 15 years of age no doubt such a brilliant idea.

How does Memechat work?

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The working of the app is straightforward. The company works with brands and use memes to promote their products. And since everyone loves a good dose of comedy, this technique of marketing is doing extremely well. In almost a year they have made over 5 lakh users. One of the founders of the app Kyle explained the working of the app even better. He said:

“Our business model is based on the fact that we use user-generated feedback and promote user-generated content. The content that we receive is related to different brands, and it can be a TV show or a product/service. We get brands and then promote this kind of user-generated content. The revenue that we get from these brands, we keep some amount of it and give a part back to the users so that they are also more engaged in creating content,”.

The app allows users to make memes using templates, and if their meme gets approved, they get paid. It’s that simple and allows many creative individuals to earn good money using art. It has over 130,000 active monthly users and 650,000 users in total.

Prospects of the company

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We can’t disagree with the fact that most of us even get news through memes. Comedy is such a powerful tool of communication that it can’t be ignored. Therefore, the app has a vast potential to grow, as more users come to know about it and start using it. Gradually as the user base increases the feature lists of the app will also improve, and so will the brand collaborations.

They also came second in the AatmaNirbhar App Innovation Challenge by MyGov. Their tagline for the app was, “This product is important because this is making a lot of meme content creator self-reliant (Aatmanirbhar) to earn their own pocket money and is also making brands viral organically.”

Are you a memer? If you are, using memechat to earn money can be a great deal. If you found our content fun and useful do let us know in the comments below. Also, like and share with your friends.

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