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AstraZeneca to buy biotech firm TeneoTwo for up to $1.27 billion

The logo for AstraZeneca is seen outside its North America headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., March 22, 2021.

Source: Reuters

The British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology firm, AstraZeneca has decided to takeover biotech company TeneoTwo Inc in a contract priced at an amount of around $1.27 billion on June 5. This step is taken by the firm to boost its agenda of remedial treatments for curing blood cancer.

The most important part of this contract is the American biotech company’s initial stage exploratory medical care for a type of Non-Hodgkin’s cancer of the lymph nodes in which there is a development of atypical white blood cells that can encourage the rise of tumors.

The pharmaceutical firm of the United Kingdom whose major blood cancer medicine Calquence resulted in purchases of above and beyond 1.2 billion dollars back in 2021 has decided to take over every leading stock of the US-based biotechnology firm for an upfront payment of $100 million along with an extra payment-related with the turning point worth around $1.7 billion.

The preliminary medication, TNB-486 of TeneoTwo is part of a class of bispecific antibodies that are developed to deflect the body’s defenses to identify and destroy the cancer cells.

The UK-based pharmaceuticals company in its blog post said that looking at the favorable result of Calcquence, the experimental drug of TeneoTwo would further expand AstraZeneca’s hematology channel that arch over a number of curative approaches and operations to deal with a large range of blood cancer.

As of now, the drug is in the first stage of being examined in the sufferers of the B-cell Non-Hodgkin’s cancer of lymph nodes, who have undergone at least two stages of medication earlier.

The United Kingdom-based pharmaceuticals firm claimed that the business dealing would most probably be complete in the third quarter of 2022 and is assumed that it would not affect the probable future of AstraZeneca in the year 2022.

The US-based biotech firm was a derivative of Teneobio. Teneobio was taken over by another biotech firm based in America called Amgen in the year 2021.

The UK-based pharmaceutical firm is bringing innovation in oncology with the vision to administer treatments for cancer in every way, pursuing the study to comprehend cancer and all its complications to come upon, build up and give transformative treatments to the cancer sufferers.

It is also expanding its limitations of science to restructure medication in hematology. The pharmaceutical company aims at restructuring cancer care and eradicating cancer as a reason for someone’s demise someday in the future.



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