Audi Opening world’s first charging hub in Germany

Audi will be opening the world’s first charging hub in Germany with various features like reservations options and a lounge area. This is Audi’s pilot project which will be testing the charging solutions, especially in urban locations. The 100-year-old automaker is known for its luxury offerings and performance segment. They don’t intend to back down in any way with the EV shift as well.

Audi opening a unique charging hub concept with 320 kW chargers and exclusive upstairs lounge - Electrek
Image credits- Electrek

This year summer, the luxury automaker announced an electrification strategy including the end year of 2033 for all its ICE models. It all started with Audi’s e-Tron lineup of battery-electric and plug-in vehicles. It is a family that continues to expand in the EV segment. Also includes models like the new RS e-Tron GT and the Q4 e-tron SUV. With the thought of reaching up to standards with Audi EV drivers, the planning and measures are being taken so that the vehicle continues to chare their vehicles irrespective of where they live.

As a part of this new strategy, the modular container cubes are combined for hubs. These cubes can be easily assembled and disassembled as desired. This technology will be showcased in Audi’s opening of charging hub pilot project with food delivery and swanky lounge.

All the luxury features included

Audi shared descriptions, images, and videos of the new Nuremberg pilot project through a press release.  These videos include showcasing its charging cube technology. The initial Audi charging hub in Nuremberg will consist of six reservable fast-charging points. Each charging point offers up to 320 kW of power, also there is a 2,153 sq. ft. lounge upstairs along with an outdoor patio covering a 431 sq. ft. space.

According to Audi, an employee will be there in the lounge area during the pilot run to “attend to visitors’ wishes”. They will be available between 10 AM and 7 PM every day. With all the facilities, the charging stalls and lounge are accessible 24/7. Audi is also an exchange station for e-bike batteries. It is an electric scooter lending service along with other features like knowing information about Audi products, and test drives in the Q4 e-Tron and RS e-Tron GT will all be available in the lounge area.

Audi charging hub project manager, Ralph Hollmig spoke about this initial pilot project, “We want to use it to test flexible and premium-oriented quick-charging infrastructure in urban space. We’re going where our customers don’t necessarily wake up in the morning with a fully charged electric car and at the same time thinking about increasing charging demand in the future.”