Audi showcased three self-driving concepts that will shape futuristic electrification

While every automaker is working towards one model self-driving system. Audi released three autonomous concepts which will shape its future. Recently it was known that Audi will make no new ICE engines from 2026. And they seem to be going fast into the future as insisted by CEO Markus Duesmann to the board on 17 June.

Audi's First Electric SUV Concept, the AI:Trail Quattro, Is Coming
Audi’s First electric SUV concept. Image credits- Robb Report

In January, Audi released a “Future is Mobility” concepts features their futuristic ideas. However, this time they showcased  Grand Sphere, Sky Sphere, and Urban Sphere. The original sketches were shared initially by an Audi member on Linkedin.  Each one is grand and showcase their futuristic direction with their concepts. Though the details are barely out, they give out futuristic feels.

Sky Sphere

Sky Sphere will be the most exciting model. It has an elongate front section that could easily accommodate V12 or V25 engines. As it is completely electric it could be an empty space for cargo or hold some extra batteries.

Audi Sky Sphere concept outline
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Grand Sphere

Grand Sphere is a luxurious fastback vehicle. Here the passenger part takes up most of the space. The hood looks like the current luxury ICE vehicle with a longitudinally mounted engine. It is medium-sized compared to the other models Audi released.

Audi Grand Sphere
Image credits- InsideEVs

Urban Sphere

The Uban Sphere looks like a crossover with the roomiest space. It looks taller and more practical for long trips. It is too vague t point out and tell more features about the model. However, the news keeps us awake for another update soon.

Audi Urban Sphere
Image credits- Inside EVs

Future is electric

In the past, they have already released futuristic concepts. The concepts are flexibility, thinking for innovations, shared mobility, connectivity, autonomous driving, and naked passenger (no phones, no laptops, etc). According to Audi, we are overestimating the current autonomous driving system and underestimating the future autonomous vehicles.

Director of Autonomous Driving at the supplier, Rimac Automobili, Sacha Vrazic said, “Children born today will no longer drive cars themselves”. The complexity of the autonomous driving system is well taken by Audi. Where multiple challenges from different perspectives are to be looked at. While self-driving cars would be cool, solving traffic issues and adapting to the new technology will be some of the toughest challenges.

Furthermore, as a part of the futuristic concept, “the naked passenger” would mean the passenger wouldn’t need a phone or a ticket. It involves organizing the transport system is much simpler and with maximum transparency. All of this makes us wonder what the three Spheres hold for the future ahead.