Audi is cutting A8 production in favor of higher e-tron GT production number

Audi to ramp up Audi E-Tron production and cutting A8 production

Audi is focusing on the Audi E-Tron production as it becomes one of the brand’s most popular nameplates. According to a German newspaper, the brand is shifting its production from Audi A8 production to the better-selling electric super sedan. Its Neckarsulm facility in Germany will be now focused on E-Tron production.

Audi is cutting A8 production in favor of higher e-tron GT production  numbers
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The brand has yet to release specifics regarding production volume expectations for either model of vehicle, nor have they shared a timeline for implementation. Plant manager Fred Schulze told, “The [production] adjustment of the Audi A8 takes place at the same time as an increase in the production number of the Audi E-Tron GT…” Production shifting to electric vehicles is nothing new for Volkswagen Group, which has already begun to replace ICE production in other brands. Notably, Volkswagen Group’s other luxury brand, Porsche, has been consistently expanding the trim offerings of the Porsche Taycan and is expected to continue to do so as European regulation pushes for ever more electric vehicle production.

While this production shift is expected for the gas-only Audi A8, many are asking what will replace it. For now, the reasonably large E-Tron can fill the shoes of the luxury offering for many consumers. However, some hypothesize a new electric luxury offering may be in the works.

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As rumors of an “E8”, codenamed “landyatch,” have circulated in recent months, these hypotheses have gained credibility. Furthermore, Audi would certainly not be alone in offering a sizeable electric luxury sedan. Other notable examples include the Lucid Air, Mercedes EQS, and the BMW i7. While the E-Tron may be Audi’s first experience of replacing gas vehicle production, it will certainly not be the last as the company has introduced more electric offerings, including their VW ID.4-based Q4. Many believe the question is no longer if but when ICE production will be phased out to feed growing EV demand.

Lucid and Saudi Arabia have had ties since before the automaker started deliveries of its first all-electric car, the Lucid Air Dream Edition. In March 2021, Lucid and Saudi Arabia came to a deal that would see the automaker launch a new electric vehicle production plant in the country.  The commitment was made after Lucid accepted a financing package worth over $1 billion from the Saudi Pacific Fund in 2018. In March, Lucid solidified plans for its first production facility outside of the United States with a 150,000 production capacity facility in Saudi Arabia.