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Singapore based startup launches Augment: A tool to make you less busy


Singapore based Autocus Pte. Ltd announced the launch of their product Augment.Autocus Pte Ltd was incorporated and incubated in JFDI Asia, an accelerator for startups of South East Asia. The company announced its plans in June last year which created quite some buzz in HackerNews, which is an online community for developers. Formerly, the product was named Quickly and now has been renamed to Augment.

Augment connects emails with cloud applications, and enables busy professionals to handle all their work from within their inbox so that they never miss out on important stuff. Anubhab (Cofounder, Chief of Product) explained “Augment gives you fast and convenient access to your favorite apps from inside inbox, thereby saving a lot of time and and psychological cost for you. Additionally all actions taken and emails processed using Augment are available right there for you to refer from inside your Gmail inbox.”

The email system we use is archaic and new-age apps like the Google Inbox are attempting to make the system modern and simple. Utkarsh (Cofounder, CEO) believes “The software we use do not truly reflect the way we work. While working, your mind interfaces with many objects at the same time – mails,  files, notes meetings etc. But software force us to use only one type of object at a time. Augment makes it possible for people to break this barrier and be more natural while working.” Technology companies big and small are attempting to bring in a much required change in the system. A transformation in the email industry is just around the corner.

Google Docs integrates with Gmail, Twitter integrates with Vine and from many such examples; it is evident that integrating apps simplifies the way we function. But bringing multiple apps onto a single platform can be a technological challenge. Madhu (Cofounder, CTO) disclosed the secret behind the process, “Our API engine is an interpreter that allows us to integrate any REST based API in just a few hours rather than weeks.”

The team launched a private beta version and worked closely with the beta users. Inspired by the positive feedback and recommendations they built the present version with a series of improvements in just a couple of months.The team added that it is working towards integrating more apps into the plugin and also has bigger plans in the coming few months to cater the mobile users.

The company is co-founded by Utkarsh Apoorva, Madhu G.B and Anubhab Bandyopadhyay. Prior to Autocus, Utkarsh and Madhu had co-founded GuitarStreet which is India’s leading e-commerce store for musical instruments. Augment is the first product of Autocus which launched on 15th February. With this, the founders have the vision to revolutionize the way people perceive their email inbox.



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