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Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger and the type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable Review

Today, we will be reviewing two products, the Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger and the type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable. Ausmo is a tech brand that focuses on three things authenticity, reliability, and endurance. The company focuses on building quality accessories and products, and thus they are earnest about attention to detail. 

About Ausmo

Ausmo focuses on bringing the best technology to its customer’s hands and enhancing their user experience. It makes various products like cables, car chargers, wall plugs, mobile screen protectors and more. Three things common in all of these products are the latest technology, quality/reliability, and easy to use. The products provided by the company are also made in India.

Ausmo believes in providing the best quality products to its customers and has strict quality control and maintains consistency. They don’t give users the chance to complain that their cable or speakers look different or don’t work as effectively as their friends who bought on the same gadget.

While building their products, they also keep in mind to include high-quality multiple safety mechanisms. This ensures the user’s trust and peace of mind while using Ausmo’s cables and chargers to charge their costly phones or gifting them to their kids or family. 

Though their products are a little on the expensive side, this is due to the strict quality control and attention to detail that the company prioritizes. But to make it more affordable and available to the general public, they often provide special discounts. The company also has products spread over a wide range to give users the option to choose according to their budget. 

They are slowly but steadily improving their technology according to the user’s needs and changing trends in the industry. And presently, Ausmo is expanding its presence across Europe, South America, and Asia. Now that you know all about the brand let’s dive into the reviews of Ausmo’s charger and cable that I have been using for the past two weeks.

Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger

Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger

So, you might be thinking, what can be so special about a charger? Well, I don’t know about any charger, but the Ausmo charger has a lot of unique features that make it very special. Starting with the two ports on one charger doesn’t seem to be a big deal. You might be thinking that you can carry two chargers if required. But, once you start using the product, be it for charging two devices simultaneously or sharing your charger with someone else, nothing seems to be a trouble anymore.

It has a charging indicator that turns blue if the device is charging slowly and green if charging rapidly. Ausmo charger also brings the latest PD USB C technology that is the universal standard of fast charging. Except for some brands like Oneplus that use proprietary charging technology, they support fast charging on all devices. For instance, if you have an iPhone 8 or above, you can charge it up to 50% in 30 mins.

Other than the usability part, the charger also keeps portability and looks into account. Compared to the Oppo and Vivo’s fast charger, it is at least 25-30% smaller and looks sleek with the led light. And being small doesn’t mean that it compromises the safety features. It has BIS certification and also supports over-voltage, over-heating, short-circuiting, over-charging protection, etc.

The best part of the charger is the peace of mind it brings. Ausmo provides a 12-months no-questions-asked replacement warranty. For you to help in a buying decision, here are the charger’s pros and cons according to my experience.

Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger


  1. Two ports (PD +TYPE-A)
  2. Adequate safety mechanisms
  3. Fast charging (0-50% IN 30 mins)
  4. Compact and portable
  5. Led indicator light
  6. Sleek looking
  7. Supports iPhone Fast Charging, AFC, Vooc, SuperVooc


  1. Doesn’t support dash/warp charge

Type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable

Type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable

When I thought of reviewing the Ausmo charger, I decided to pair it up with a type C to C 3.1 cable. The best part about type C to C cable is the durability. It comes braided with a rigid nylon material and is one of the most durable cables I have ever used. Since I use a Macbook 2017 model for my daily usage, I don’t need to carry two cables around anymore because the Ausmo cable supports Macbook charging too, alongside all types of smartphones with type c.

Since it is the latest 3.1 cable, it supports breakneck data transfer speeds from one device to another. In theory, it can provide up to 5 Gbps speed. But yes, though, I didn’t get the theoretical number, but the pace was much better than the previous cables. It also has support for up to 60 watts, so it not only charges your Macbook but charges it up fast.

The cable is also tangle-free, so no matter how you put it in your backpack, it won’t become a mess once you pull it out. Ausmo also provided users the option to choose between a 3ft and 6ft version according to their needs. I am personally using the 6ft version. Finally, similar to the Ausmo charger, the type c to c 3.1 cable also has a no-hassle 12-month replacement warranty. But seeing the product’s build quality, I highly doubt that there will be any issues. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Type C to C 3.1 cable.


  1. Sturdy/durable build
  2. 2 length options available
  3. Can charge Macbooks and other laptops
  4. Latest 3.1 gen technology
  5. Supports up to 60-watt charging
  6. Has support for Oneplus’s proprietary charging
  7. 12 month warranty
  8. Shock proof
  9. CarPlay and Android Auto compatible


  • I couldn’t find any

Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger & Type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable

After using the Ausmo XTRA Charge PD (Two Port) charger and the type C to C 3.1 Cable XTRA One cable for two weeks, I feel that if anyone is looking for a quality type c cable and charger, Ausmo is the brand to go for. Because of the quality and features that other manufacturers provide as not even close to Ausmo’s accessories.



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