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OnePlus has a ‘message’ for Apple iPhone Users

OnePlus has a ‘message’ for Apple iPhone

It never happened that Apple releases a phone and it never made it to news headlines. The case was pretty much the same when Apple launched its 12 series. And why shouldn’t it create the buzz? iPhones are apparently the people’s ‘Apple of the eye’. The headers claimed that iPhone 12 was released to change the perception of how smartphone’s performed photography.

OnePlus has a message for Apple iPhone

It’s no surprise that Android companies are always eyeing out for Apple products. Proving the same, the well-known Android Tycoon OnePlus has a message for Apple- “In a world of apples, stand out with an OnePlus”- Says OnePlus on Twitter.

While the world was busy laughing at the one-liner that OnePlus tweeted, the picture of OnePlus 8T shining between a bunch of apples made the joke even more sarcastic.  The replies to this tweet were even funnier-


It took just a time before other android companies barged in with their products




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