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Bassbuds True Wireless Earbuds Vs Bassbuds Jets True Wireless Earbuds
Confused between Bassbuds True Wireless earbuds and Bassbuds Jets True Wireless earbuds? Here is a detailed comparison of one of the best products from PTron

With different brands available at a number of price ranges, the earbud space is a highly lucrative one, but you do not need to blast the biggest brands, Samsung and Apple. PTron provides some of the best quality TWS (Truly Wireless Stereo) for the best pricing but listeners tend to get confused between Bassbuds True Wireless Earbuds and Bassbuds Jets True Wireless Earbuds, do check out

PTron bassbuds are one of the best-in-class TWS earphones with better sound quality for the budget. PTron Bassbuds Jets is also called ‘India’s pocket-friendly TWS’, with real wireless earbuds. The pTron Bassbuds series was one of Amazon’s biggest sellers and has now introduced another crazy affordable TWS.

We will be comparing the Bassbuds true TWS and Bassbuds Jets TWS under the parameters of Earbuds Shape, Music & Call Controls, Sound Output, Music Playtime (With Single Charge), Total Playtime (With The Case), Connectivity, Latency, Sweat & Water-resistance, Charging cum storage case.

Earbuds Shape

Speaking of the shape of the earbuds, the standard Bassbuds true TWS has a ’round,’ shape whereas the Bassbuds Jets TWS is more ‘Oval.’ It also offers greater flexibility and a comfortable ear fit.

Music & Call Controls

Getting to the musical and call commands, the standard true TWS Bassbuds is embedded with button-style music and call controls, while the latest and most advanced intelligent sensor technology is provided by other brothers Bassbuds Jets TWS.

Sound Output

First of all, before you purchase the right Bassbuds TWS, sound production plays an essential part.

Both of TWS including bassbuds true TWS and the bassbuds standard TWS offer better stereo-sound effect, but as per brand claims the bassbuds Jets TWS takes an edge as it provides better sounding stereo sound effect than the standard variant.

Music Playtime (For Single Charge) And Total Playtime (With the case)

Both PTron earbuds have the same music playtime with a single charge which stands at 5 hours per charge. Again, both pTron earbuds make an equal point here with 20 hours of playtime with the case.


The next thing, which is quite important while looking out for a TWS is connectivity, the standard bassbuds true TWS offers Bluetooth 5 support and even Bassbuds Jets TWS does, but Bassbuds Jets is embedded with an efficient Bluetooth 5 chipset.


Latency is the time it takes for audio data to be transported to your ears or speakers from your source (computer, tablet, mp3 player). This is the most important way for processing and transforming digital data into an audio signal, which can be streamed to your hearths through a wired or wireless link.

The latency levels in standard true bassbuds TWS is claimed to be normal whereas the other brother which is the bassbuds jets TWS is claimed to have lower latency.

Sweat & Water Resistance

While using TWS earphones outdoors or in the gym, it’s quite sure that an amount of water and sweat resistance should be there to avoid internal damage to the earbuds.

However, water and sweat resistance is measured with IP rating. The standard true bassbuds TWS is not rated with any kind of water and sweat resistance, whereas the other brother, bassbuds true wireless earbuds are IPX4 rating.

Charging cum Storage Case

The standard bassbuds true TWS earbuds come with 4-LED indicators whereas, the bassbuds jets wireless earbuds offer a digital display.

Which one should you go with?

Both of the TWS offered by pTron are better in performance in their own price segments, however, bassbuds TWS Jets gains a slight edge over standard TWS when it comes to comes earbuds comforts, sounding, and connectivity, so in this comparison, the best choice to go would be the Bassbuds TWS Jets earbuds.

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