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KiteX: Back-up Power With Portable Wind Energy Turbine

The KiteX innovation, portable wind energy turbines is a game-changer. It could run a mini-refrigerator, wifi, few lights and also charge your laptop.

There are options available with the KiteX, 200W, and 600W. The costs of the models are $1,182 and $1,758, respectively. The higher energy turbine can run electric bike and also boil water up to some extent. It is manufactured by a Danish start-up named KiteX.

KiteX Wind Catcher Mobile Turbine | HiConsumption

Problems with the current wind and Solar energy sources

Not only wind and solar, but other renewable energy resources also have their own problems. The following is a brief list of issues, which have been a problem for decades now.

  • Not enough power to support all the energy required, within the required time.
  • The sources cannot be installed anywhere, even if they are, the produced capacity is not enough.
  • High costs in setting up.
  • Need of consistent resources, like sun, or water.
  • Large amounts of resources produce less energy. For example, 3KWh solar energy produces 1Khw of electricity.
  • Limited maximum capacity.

If not all, the KiteX was able to solve at least half of the problems renewable energy resources have. The ability to get maximum energy transferred into maximum energy and increased capacity is unbeatable.

KiteX details

The smart wind energy turbine is 6 m in height and has a rotor diameter of 4 m/ 13 ft. The material used is from simple recycled plastic, a few glass fiber rods of high strength, and EPS foam. KiteX is easy to carry around when folded and can be quickly set-up, around 15 minutes.


Source: https://www.designboom.com/technology/wind-catcher-kitex-portable-wind-turbine-03-30-2021/KiteX

It weighs only around 10 kgs. There is no sound or disturbance issue with the portable wind turbine. The mechanism is such that, the extra energy availed before packing up is stored in a battery back up. But, KiteX cannot handle super-fast winds like cyclones or storms.

The KiteX information was released in February 2020. However, the sales are expected to start by coming December.

The power it beholds

Overall, the innovation is considered powerful. People are yet to use the device and know what else KiteX is capable of. The independent nature of KiteX, especially for travelers is the most attractive part. It allows the man to travel around the corners in comfort, with his other devices.

Especially when the environmentalists are figuring out a way to keep devices running in places where this is no electricity. Not all places can have individual wind turbines. The KiteX has the potential to collaborate and probably have further advanced innovations.



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