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Battlefield 2042 Delayed Until November

Battlefield 2042 Delayed

Credit @ EA

Publisher Electronic Arts have moved the release date of Battlefield 2042 from October 22 to November. EA and DICE announced that the game will now be moved to November 19th, 2021, a one-month delay from the originally scheduled release date of October 22. The reason for the delay is said to be the implication of Covid-19. After the delay of the games to November, the open beta of the games is postponed to October.

According to the team, complications from the reality of today’s world kept it from the original launch date. The free-to-play multiplayer mode “Halo Infinite” and “Xbox Game Pass” will not hurt sales of “Battlefield 2042,” but will take the biggest EAs title for 2021 from the usual sweet spot. Although the game will be more of a bestseller than the fact that it will be released with Call of Duty alone, it gives DICE the time to make the necessary changes to avoid a PR nightmare.

According to the developers, Given the scale of this game, the development team hopes that they can advance their development team, studio, and team with the launch. The studio said in a statement that given the size and scope of this next generation of Battlefield, we hope that our development teams, team, and studios will be able to launch Battlefield 2042″.

Battlefield 2042 Delayed

Credit @ EA

Recalling the challenges of developing Battlefield 2042 during the pandemic, DICE and the other Battlefield teams announced via Twitter that the game will last just over a year longer. As mentioned earlier, this is a great sign for those who want to participate in the upcoming open beta, which will be an excellent opportunity to see what the DICE company has in store for the game with the new start date.

Chatty gaming insider Jeff Grubb claims to know from where this is coming and clarifies that Battlefield 2042 for PlayStation 5 and PS4 is set to be released before, just weeks before the money is needed for the more expensive version. Other signs of a delay in the game promise that the beta test is shifted by a month. Delays this season have already been underpinned by Techlanda’s decision to postpone Dying Light until February 2, 2022, and further delays for other titles are expected in the coming days.

It’s not the only game being postponed this week, but the reason is the most common. Delays mean the game will be more polished at launch, so it is in the developers “best interests to extend the release date. Battlefield games have been delayed before the recent one being Battlefield 5 which was also delayed by a month.

Many games scheduled for 2021 have been postponed to 2022 due to the impact of pandemics and other factors. The game is not the first game in development to be affected by the coronavirus. Horizon has been delayed to 2022 by two game modes, and Halo Infinite game modes have been postponed to 2022.

There have been numerous delays to games large and small this year, with Dying Light 2 announcing its revised release date earlier this week. Although this is not surprising given the delays in many other titles, the development team was surprised that Battlefield 2042s came a month late.

The upcoming DICE Battlefield series installment is facing a small setback, but DICE CEO Oskar Gabrielson assures fans that an update to the open beta version of the games will be announced later this month. The news of the delay is disappointing for all involved, but DICE general manager Oskar Gabrielson said the studio will have more information on when the game will be released for beta later this month. The war of waiting has come to an end for Battlefield 20 42 as fans eagerly await the release of the game. The new Battlefield will offer online combat for up to 128 players on late-gen consoles and PCs in destructible environments created specifically for the Battlefield games.

It looks like we’ll have to wait a little longer to get our hands on Battlefield 2042, as we announced that the game has been postponed to November 19, 2021. This postpones the game to the original October 22 date, bringing the total delay to four weeks and a month. 2042 will be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

A theatrical trailer released in August cemented the return of Battlefield 4’s Irish Battlefield 2042, but since then private technical tests have been held, leading to developers not passing on much substantial information to DICE. There were rumors earlier that DICE and EA were even planning to delay the launch to 2022. Now that November 19, 2021, has been confirmed, fans will also have access to the public beta games.



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