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Harman debuts its charging devices with a new brand, InfinityLab

Harman- InfinityLab

Source: Review Geek

Harman International Industries is one of the leading companies in the world of technology owned by Samsung Electronics. The company is popularly known for its development, manufacturing, and marketing of audio products and electronics.

According to recent reports, Harman is expanding its business to develop charging accessories, and this it will do under a new subsidiary brand- InfinityLab. The official announcement was made on Thursday and InfinityLab is all set to sell a bunch of charging accessories, keeping the main focus on “sustainability”, something that the world needs and Harman would be offering.

The product line is reported to include charging cables, power banks, and wall chargers, and as per the recent announcement, the company is ready with a bunch of new accessories, all ready to market.

As mentioned, the core of InfinityLab will be “sustainability” and developing sustainable products. Engadget notes that most of the company’s products would be made of 90 percent recycled plastic. Technology giants like Samsung and Apple are established enough to be responsible for the environment, while some remove charging bricks from their $999 products, there is Samsung’s Harman that is dedicated to developing charging accessories from recycled plastic, something which Samsung follows with 100 percent caution.

Other than this, the charging cables by Harman will be made completely from recycled polyester, again keeping sustainability at the top. In my opinion that resonates with many in the industry, Harman is making sustainability, its Unique Selling Point and as far as critics know the industry, it is very important for a brand to be visionary, something that shares though with its consumers and what better than the environment.

Did we read the tagline, buy Harman and save the environment? Well, consider this Harman.

A report by Engadget notes that Harman will be offering three different wall chargers of 20W, 30W, and 65W each with pricing set as USD 19.95, USD 29.95, and USD 49.95 respectively. Harman is also introducing Gallium Nitride circuitry in the 65-Watt charger, and the difference between GaN and Silicon is that the first one takes much lesser space than its silicon counterpart, but along with that, it tends to be more expensive.

What do you think about sustainability in technology, do you think it will improve environmental conditions in the long run? Harman has a good shot at being successful with its charging line-up, simply because it has a good reputation with customers.

Brands say a lot about products and vice versa is equally true, what do you guys suggest? Do let us know what you think because your opinions are the voice of TechStory.



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