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Battlefield 2042’s Exodus Short Film Revealed

Battlefield 2042's Exodus Short Film Revealed

Credit @ EA

A new short film, Exodus, featuring the return of the characters from Battlefield 4 has been released by EA and gives us an insight into the events of the war that will occur in Battlefield 2042. The short film focuses on the No Pats, a group of people whose country has collapsed and who find themselves without patriotism. Battlefield 4s Kimble Irish Graves (Michael K. Williams) returns as the commander of no-pat ship Exodus, and he chooses to be a non-patriot among his 200 passengers in the future.

EA has released a ten-minute short film called Exodus which gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the coming Battlefield 2042 shooter. The short film can be seen on YouTube and sees the return of the Battlefield 4 characters Kimble and Irish Graves. It offers a good insight into the causes of the No Pats Civil War in the upcoming Battlefield 2042 video game, which is scheduled for release on October 22 for Steam, Playstation 4&5, Xbox Series X&S, Xbox One, and Epic Games.

In the run-up to Exodus, the players undertake a journey aboard the PAT with journalist Kayvan Bechir, who reports on his 13 months on the PAT ship. Kimble is also on board Irish Graves, one of Battlefield 4’s main protagonists, and the Exodus Short Film begins its successful mission of securing secret information for an unknown employer. Soon, however, he learns that his employer is planning to kill him and destroy Exodus, a ship carrying hundreds of refugees who are no longer with the PAT, which he has sworn to protect in order to secure intelligence work.

The highly anticipated short film documents the series of events that triggered the No Pats Civil War and brought Kimble (played by Michael K. Williams from Battlefield 4) from the Irish grave as the fifth playable specialist in Battlefield 2042 with five more to be announced in the coming weeks. The game will receive a lot of support after its launch, so expect more story-driven marketing material in the future that serves a similar purpose to Exodus as the short film is a moment to flesh out the backstory of the specialists and help explain the world of the game rather than a single-player story. With the game now getting closer to its release, it seems that DICE and EA are planning to explain the premise of the story to players in an upcoming trailer.

Battlefield 2042's Exodus Short Film Revealed

Credit @ EA

The Battlefield 2042s Exodus short film seems to have an interesting story. EA’s newest high-profile release is the team behind the short film Exodus, which describes the events that caused the war of games. Fans may be disappointed to hear that this time there will be no campaign mode, but it is unquestionably that Exodus will be about 9 minutes long and a short film could be a creative way to bring context to the multiplayer – carnage.The journey will no doubt be led by the highly anticipated players, but the short film also reveals story elements that grow up to the plot of the next game by DICE and EA.

The film introduces the mysterious Oz and the conflict between the Irish and future No Pats, which leads to a civil war. It also reveals the return of Battlefield 4s Kimble from the Irish Tomb, which will be playable as a specialist in the game.

The narrative of the film begins with the announcement that the Irish will be ten specialists in 2042. EA confirmed in a press release that the character will be in the game as a playable specialist. A variety of Pat group characters along with the Irish One are playable as a specialist in this online multiplayer game. This time the story is told in a new way and the franchise offers players a captivating world from the perspective of specialists and their experiences on the battlefield.

In addition to the cast of playable Pat characters, including Battlefield 4as Kimble and Airisha Graves (portrayed by Williams), who also returns in the new game as playable Pat specialists, the short also describes the history of the game, introduces the OZ, the conflict between the Irish and future and why there is no Pat anymore. There is also a surprising revelation about the return of two Battlefield 4 characters.



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