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Best Apple deals to lookout for in Black Friday 2020

Apple isn’t generally priced aggressively, but during sale days and black Friday, you can score something good if you are vigilant enough. And since the Black Friday sale is almost here and is going to have some pretty sweet deals on Apple products, here are some of the best Apple deals you can look out for. And those who don’t know Black Friday sale is on 27th November.

Top 5 Best Apple Deals

Best Apple deals

Image Source: AppleInsider

Apple Macbook with Intel chip

For anyone looking for a powerful laptop, the Macbook pro or air with intel chip is still an excellent option. It will be available on Amazon, Best Buy and other sites with discounts ranging up to $250 for Macbook pro and $200 for Macbook Air. The sale will begin on 25th November, 2 days before Black Friday starts.

Apple Watch Series 3

Yes, I know its an old watch and it might be probably better to get the Apple Watch SE, but the device will be priced very cheaply in the Black Friday sale. During normal sales, the series 3 watch sells for around $179, but during this sale, it will be available for $119. An important thing to note is that this price is for the 38mm version. This deal will start on 25th November and will available online only on Walmart.

Apple Airpods pro

The Airpods Pro is arguably the best noise-cancelling and sounding in-ear tws earphone. Airpods pro is priced at $249 by Apple and sometimes come down to $199 during special sales. But this time the Apple AirPods will be priced at $169 which will the best price ever for these. Definitely a must-buy for anyone looking for a quality tws under $200. It will be available online on Walmart from 25th November.

Apple iPad Air and iPad Pro

If someone is looking for a tablet, then Apple iPad is the best option? During the sale, there will be many discounts on the iPad Air, iPad Pro and also the 10.2 inch iPad. These deals will be available across various stores like Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart and many others. One of the retailers said that there could be up to $100 off on iPad air and up to$150 on the iPad pro. The sale will start on 25th November.

Apple Powerbeats pro

If someone is looking for a sports tws earphone than powerbeats pro is the way to go. These are generally priced at $249, but now it is priced at $159.99 and is available to buy at Target and Best Buy.

Well, that was our list of the best Apple deals. If you have any other deal in mind, then let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content useful, do like and share it with your friends.

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