Best Bitcoin Games

If you are a fan of bitcoin and gaming then we have some fantastic opportunities for you. This article is all about some of the hottest bitcoin games on the market. They come in a variety of forms but most offer BTC rewards. The formats include answering quiz questions, predicting financial markets, or holding your nerve in a crash game. The popularity of bitcoin games is soaring and here are some of the very best you can play right now.

Bitcoin Alien Run

Bitcoin Alien Run is a Mario style scrolling console game. Players join the hero, Daniel D’Alien, on an exciting adventure that rewards good play with bitcoins. Minimum payouts are 0.0002 BTC and are paid every Tuesday. Missions constantly change to keep users on their toes, and rewards are earned for completing them. Bitcoin Alien Run is available for iOS and Android users for free download.

Crash games are on the bitcoin gambling doesn’t get much better. There are plenty of crash games out there, but Rocketpot is one of the best on the market. Its professional design, eGaming license, and friendly atmospheres, makes it a winner. Players also get to take part in 3 additional jackpots – mini, major, and mega for greater BTC wins. Registration is easy, and users take advantage of complete anonymity.

Spark Profit

For those interested in the financial markets but not ready to invest, why not try out Spark Profit? This is a trading simulator that costs nothing to join but rewards top investors with real bitcoin. The better your trading predictions are, the bigger the rewards can be. The game has paid out over $60,000 to users in over 100 countries so far. There is no barrier to who can take part. Spark Profit can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store for no cost. The company’s business model works by taking the predictions of its top players and investing money in the market. So far it’s proving a win-win for customers and the provider.

Satoshi Quiz

Satoshi Quiz is a game that rewards players for answering quiz questions correctly. It is free to join in and draws questions from a wide range of categories and topics. Correct answers are worth up to 1,000 satoshis and vary depending on a tiered level system. Prizes go to the first 3 players who answer the question correctly. Prizes are awarded daily, weekly, or monthly and at a minimum of 11,000 satoshis. Satoshi Quiz also offers a faucet, live chat, and a premium account option.

Bitcoin Flip

Bitcoin Flip is another financial markets simulator that teaches users how to invest in crypto. Bitcoin Flip does not reward users for making top predictions. But, it allows you to save money as you learn the intricacies of what can be a lucrative pastime. Currencies on offer also include ETH, XML, and more. Bitcoin Flip allows users to test strategies with no risk, which is an excellent tool to practice on. When ready, you can move from here onto the real thing.

Final Word

Here are five fantastic bitcoin games that showcase the versatility of alt-coins and blockchain in general. Whether you want a game to entertain, teach, excite, socialise, or thrill you, the games on this list have plenty to offer.