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Top 5 Progressive Jackpot Slot Games

Progressive jackpots are the top dogs of the slot world when it comes to payouts. Put simply, these slots offer the largest prizes you will find which often run into the millions. How they get so high is that with each spin of the reels a percentage of the wager feeds into the jackpot making it grow bigger. The largest jackpots have thousands of players wired into massive networks. For new players or veterans here is a list of 5 of the best progressive jackpot slots.


Playtech are the brains behind the highly lucrative Gladiator jackpot slot. It uses a serious theme – that of Ancient Rome. Playtech has incorporated the theme directly into its top prize as wilds trigger a bonus game that involves nine Gladiator helmets. These helmets come in gold, silver and bronze. Players pick 9, and if they are all gold then the top prize is theirs! By top prize, this is a slot that has produced millionaires. The average win is around £1 million which is more than enough for most players to leave satisfied.

Hall of Gods

Top developers NetEnt released Hall of Gods which went on to become one of their most popular games. The slot is based around Norse Mythology and in true NetEnt style is super pleasing to the eyes and ears. More important to jackpot hunters than aesthetics is its progressive jackpot. Obtain the Thor’s Hammer symbol to unlock the slot’s bonus game where the real fun can be found. Here, there are three progressive jackpots called the Mega, Midi, and Mini. The top one, the Mega, has paid out a whopping £7.6 million in the past making slot one of the top payers out there.

Major Millions

A Microgaming title and their oldest progressive jackpot slot to boot. It might look a little dated, but this is one slot that has retained its allure. Most of that is naturally down to its progressive jackpot. The theme of the game is all about wealth and players will hope some of that rubs off on them while they play! What you want here is the wild symbol and 5 of them on the right pay line equates to landing the top prize! Look just above the reels for the current total of the progressive jackpot amount.

Beach Life

Playtech brought out Beach Life a while ago now, but it still continues to draw in players with its progressive jackpot potential. Life really is a beach in this laid back slot but don’t get too comfortable. Along with several mini-games, this sun-drenched slot has paid out over £5 million in one pop! The key is landing 5 wild symbols on the 20th payline to unlock the magic of the beach.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has paid out more money and created more instant millionaires than just about any other game on the planet. It might look all cute and innocent with its wildlife theme but don’t let that fool you! This is one game that can seriously reward players when it is in the right mood. What makes it so lucrative is that it is tied into huge networks of players that continually grow its progressive jackpot. Its top prize starts at £1 million, so winners are in the money even if it goes off early. What makes Mega Moolah even more tantalising is that the bonus game can drop at any time at random. There is no need to hit a specific combination of symbols to do so. Then, a lucky wheel with four different prizes on it is spun – land the Mega prize, and you are in the money!



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