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Best hair oil hacks for faster hair growth

Do you crave longer hair but hate the time it takes for your hair to grow? The right hair oil, made with natural ingredients, can help.

Almost every girl or woman goes through a time in her life when they crave long, luscious tresses. But the more one desires such long and strong hair, the longer it seems to take to grow. Oiling your hair regularly can promote hair growth by increasing blood circulation to your scalp and nourishing the hair from its roots.

Our tresses, unlike our skin, have no method of keeping themselves moisturized. That is why it is critical to include hair oils in your regular hair care routine. However, picking the right one is important. For instance, Mamaearth hair growth oil is formulated with a mix of nourishing oils that help to strengthen your hair from within and promote hair growth. Similarly,  Just Herbs’ ayurvedic hair oils help combat hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

If you feel like your hair isn’t growing fast enough, here are some tips about using hair oils for faster results. 

What you should know about hair growth

We are born with around 100,000 hair follicles in our scalp, which stay unchanged in number throughout our lives. Every hair root receives oxygen and nutrients from the blood that circulates through the scalp. This is what promotes hair growth. Applying Coconut Oil, Almond Oil, Olive Oil, or a combination of these powerful oils through a product like Mamaearth hair oil for hair growth can provide the right nutrients to your hair and scalp, resulting in hair growth. 

Hair oils come in various formulations designed to promote hair growth and nourish and strengthen the hair. In addition, every hair oil has its unique blend of ingredients to address multiple hair concerns that could impede hair growth. 

Soothe and stimulate

A soothing head massage can make your hair and scalp more receptive to nutrients, which is the simplest approach to encourage hair growth. Using a hair oil with stimulating ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil and Ginger can help you get the most out of a massage.

Tea tree hair oil deeply penetrates the hair roots, helps unclog them, and prevents the build up of dirt and grease. Dr. Alan J. Bauman, an advisory board member for the World Trichology Society, illustrates the role of a healthy scalp, saying, “Just as good-quality soil is important for growing healthy plants and flowers, a healthy scalp is a basis for healthy hair growth.”

Almond hair oil reaches deep into your hair roots while also enhancing your hair’s texture and smoothness. It contains Omega-9 Fatty Acids, Vitamin E, and proteins, which help to strengthen the hair and prevent damage. You can either prepare a hair mask by combining Almond Oil with another oil, such as Coconut Oil or apply the oil directly to your hair, paying specific attention to the ends. When combined with Avocado Oil, Almond Oil keeps dry hair at bay and helps with hair strengthening.

Nourish and hydrate

Our natural hair growth is hampered mainly by improper nutrition and increased dryness. Argan Oil, Castor Oil, and Avocado Oil are just a few of the numerous hair oils that can provide deep nourishment and moisture to your scalp and hair to enhance hair growth. The blend of these oils can help you achieve healthier and shinier hair. For instance, Mamaearth onion oil for hair growth, besides using onion oil also combines the goodness of Castor Oil and Bhringraj Oil to effectively hydrate and nourish your hair and scalp with vitamins and antioxidants for healthier locks.

Time-tested Coconut Oil contains pure lipids, most notably lauric acid, that penetrate the hair roots and meet their need for sustenance. To help your hair grow quicker than before, use Coconut Oil as a once-a-week overnight treatment. 

Protect and Repair

Hair oils can help shield your hair from damage by covering every strand with a protective layer of oil. For example, Argan Oil contains antioxidants, Vitamins E and F, and is widely known for healing damaged hair and addressing split ends. Rice Bran Oil also has a high concentration of antioxidants, strengthening the hair’s protective barrier and protecting it from UV radiation and other external stressors. 

If you have dry hair or split ends, use Olive Oil to make your strands appear smooth and healthy. It acts as a heat protectant and forms a barrier over the natural keratin found in the hair. In addition, Avocado Oil’s minerals protect the hair from breakage and damage caused by pollution, sun rays, and hard water. 

Flaunt Those Tresses

Oiling your hair is an essential element of a good hair care routine, especially if you want long, strong hair. It is also critical to follow a balanced diet rich in vital nutrients. Make your hair as healthy as possible by keeping it moisturized, reducing the use of heat styling tools, and avoiding harsh chemicals. 

These seemingly simple tips can go a long way in improving your hair and scalp health. Here’s to those luscious tresses!



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