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Best Practices for Your Amazon Review Strategy in 2021

Product reviews are crucial for your success on Amazon. They increase brand recognition, trust, and sales. That’s why every retailer should come up with the proper strategy for getting more reviews. 

Many retailers struggle with gift cards, discounts on products, and free trials. If you don’t want to waste money, our product review guide is for you! Today, we will tell you about the Early Reviewer Program, Amazon free item reviews, and other successful practices!

Basics of Amazon Item Reviews

Reviews are crucial to your product’s performance. If your item has lots of trustworthy reviews, clients will be more willing to buy it. In fact, positive reviews serve as a guarantee of your product’s quality.

Statistics back up these claims. According to studies, buyers truly deem reviews as a vital factor in making a buying decision. Almost 97% of customers scroll through the review section before purchasing a product. They also prefer text reviews to star ratings, seeing them as more natural and reliable.

A high number of reviews also boosts your product and advertising conversion rates and thus sales. Taking all into consideration, you can’t deny the importance of Amazon product reviews. But one question is still unanswered:

How many Amazon Product Reviews is Enough?

Every niche and category has its own unique conditions and levels of competition. That’s why there is no universal minimum of how many reviews you should get. Even though the requirements vary, there are still some tips you can apply to your review strategy!

If you sell in a high-competitive category, you’ll need as many reviews as possible. They will play a major role in increasing your conversion rates and marketing campaign effectiveness. 

But you may wonder what to do if you are a niche seller? Then, a little more than 20 reviews is enough for successful retailing. But we urge you to get 25 reviews because that’s the number recommended by the platform.

All retailers shouldn’t forget about listing optimization. Reviews are also a crucial element of it. Users often use special filters to sort the products by reviews. Having a great average score will help you to boost incoming traffic from the search engine result page.

With that being said, let’s move forward to the popular and most effective review practices.

How to Receive More Authentic Reviews

Amazon grows fast, and more and more retailers enter the platform every day. That’s the reason Amazon introduced special review tools to support new retailers. Here are some of them:

Early Reviewer Program

Amazon created the Early Reviewer Program to assist retailers in getting their first 5 feedback comments. It is open to all traders, and it costs 60 dollars to join. The program’s initial goal was to provide only 5 reviews, but sometimes retailers even manage to receive 20 reviews.

The process is pretty simple. The platform contacts one of your customers and politely asks them to leave a review. This little influence may be enough to generate new feedback.

Also, this method is great because Amazon oversees the process. That means that it won’t break its own TOS or guidelines, so such reviews will be considered unbiased and reliable.

Amazon Vine

To join this program, you should be a part of the AMZ Brand Registry. Then, thanks to Amazon, you’ll be able to gift your product for free in return for a review.

The platform cherry-picks amazon Vine experts due to their professionalism and great reviewing history. These individuals truly know how to review the product. That means that you should anticipate in-depth and accurate reviews of your free stuff.

Amazon Vine critics are unbiased and honest, they don’t do fake reviews. Negative reviews from such experts can be exceptionally damaging because of the length and detail. But you can profit from their criticism and improve your products or strategies. So, it’s a win-win situation whatever the result may be.

What About the ‘Request a Review’ Button Feature?

Only a year ago, the platform introduced a new instrument called “Request a Review.” It enables sellers to ask for client’s feedback with a click of a button in the seller account. This feature generates a letter that Amazon will automatically mail to the buyer.

As a retailer, you pick this option, and the client receives an email asking for a star rating for both the item and the seller. Amazon sets the templates, so you shouldn’t bother about the TOS. You can request feedback from all your clients in the last 5 to 30 days.

If you’re interested in this feature, here is the step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  1. To give your buyer a request for a retailer and item rating, open your Amazon account. Then, go to Seller Central > Orders > Manage Orders and open a specific order’s page. There you’ll see the “Request a Review” button.
  2. If you use Amazon FBA seller services, the reviews must be requested on the “View Seller Fulfilled Orders” page.  If you see the “View FBA orders” option, pick it.
  3. Next, scroll through the list and pick the order and the client you desire to ask for a review. There, you should locate and click on the order ID.

Amazon Product Review Software

Many successful Amazon retailers apply this method. In fact, they are doing it for a good reason! There are a lot of excellent instruments available on the market. They also help to improve your customer service and allow you to carry out successful email campaigns.

Don’t forget to ensure that the chosen software abides by Amazon’s rules. Amazon can ban you for breaking its TOS, even if the breach wasn’t done by you, but by the program. That’s why you should pay more attention to your templates’ compliance with Amazon’s rules.

To increase the number of reviews and to avoid risks, you should use the Amazon feedback software. With this tool, you can use multilingual email templates that are 100% TOS-friendly. Also, this feedback manager will help you to get instant notifications on new customer reviews. 

Amazon Feedback Removal Policy

If you decide to use any other tool, we can’t guarantee that it’s TOS-friendly. That’s why you should know when Amazon may remove buyer feedback.

On Amazon, experience in reviewing is crucial. Reviews, as well as Amazon products and services, must be of the highest quality. The platform is not the right place for profanity or insults. There are two main circumstances for removal requests:

  • The review is offensive.
  • The review includes retailer-specific, individual information, such as emails, full names, or phone numbers.


Reviews are still deemed as the main factor for increasing brand popularity, sales, and conversion rates. We hope that now you know how to get more reviews on your Amazon products.

Apply our tips to your review strategy. Use their pros and cons to the fullest, and you’ll benefit in no time! Stay safe, and follow us for further updates!



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