LIC Chairperson MR Kumar meets with Adani Group's top management, expresses positive outlook
LIC Chairperson MR Kumar meets with Adani Group's top management, expresses positive outlook

Between December and March, LIC sold a 2% stake in NMDC for over Rs 700 crore.

The Existence Insurance Group (LIC) disclosed on Wednesday that it had auctioned 2% of its equity position in the government NMDC, bringing its overall controlling interest in the public service component to 11.69% since about March 14. In accordance with a company statement, LIC’s stockholder in NMDC tumbled from 13.69% to 11.69% among December 29, 2022 as well as March 14, 2023, at such an ordinary cost of Rs 119.37 per equity. The selling of a 2% stake, or mildly and over 5.88 crore shares, in the international market managed to score LIC more often than Rs 700 crore.

LIC Share Price: LIC sells 2% stake in NMDC between December and March, garners  over Rs 700 crore - The Economic Times
SOURCE : The Economic Times


LIC offers a living insurance policy between both the purchaser itself and which eliminates the danger of the policyholder’s dying by professing a total amount to the dependent children, thus also reimbursing for lost income. The prime objective of insurance coverage is to support your family members in providing for themselves, particularly in the event that you’re no longer being able to take care of them. Also after your dying, a reliant partner, kids, or aging parents will keep depending on your earnings and savings.

The long-term tax on capital gains was implemented as a component of the 2018 Budget Speech. After auctioning equity substantial assets more so than Rs. 1 lakh, each person is obligated to pay LTCG. To gain knowledge further about taxation on long-term investment income, refer to the information provided above. LIC is India’s oldest insurance company for life. LIC offers an extensive selection of life insurance options aimed at satisfying the requirements of various individuals. LIC has been formed with the main goal of providing individuals with financial stability.

Loans, convertible debt securities as well as pass-through credentials, venture capital, alternate solution institutional investors (AIFs), collective investment schemes, equity investment monies, as well as money market assets are among the additional investment vehicles in which LIC puts money to maximize profits.


Its registered address is in Hyderabad, Telangana, and so it manages and owns highly automated mines for iron ore in Chhattisgarh as well as Karnataka. NMDC is viewed as being among the worlds largest decreased iron ore manufacturers. It also runs India’s sole highly automated mining operation in Panna, Madhya Pradesh. The National Steel Development Authority is the full name of the business. NMDC Restricted is India’s biggest iron ore export market as well as production company, generating around thirty million tons of the mineral out of its mining areas in Chhattisgarh as well as Karnataka.