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Big data, predictive analytics to dominate recruitment space

(Image Credits :io9.com)

(Image Credits :io9.com)

New Delhi, Jun 10 (PTI) : The analytics domain is likely to open up enormous job opportunities as Big Data and Predictive Analytics are set to dominate the recruitment industry in the next six months, says a report.

According to the report by staffing firm TeamLease Services, new domains such as Big Data and Predictive Analytics are accelerating the need for a highly sophisticated workforce who are mathematically inclined.

The prerequisites for a job in the analytics industry include data orientation, an eye for detail, statistical skills and knowledge of data visualisation tools.

According to the report both business and employment outlook would witness a marginal dip in the April-September period of this year, indicating a consolidation approach by India Inc.

The cautiousness, however, seems to have not dampened job growth, it remains strong at 11.3 per cent, although lower than last half year, it is significantly better than the previous year.

“As the economic fundamentals that drive business and hiring sentiments last half year continue to exist, the current dip is more a course correction than a downturn,” TeamLease Services Senior Vice President Kunal Sen said.

Sen added that the pro-industry announcements and easing of norms coupled by the resurgence in the GDP growth will definitely pull the hiring back onto the growth trajectory.

Hiring in April-September period would be spearheaded by medium and large businesses. From a functional perspective, the focus seems to be on IT and engineering and Blue Collar opportunities.

Further, though the sluggishness has not affected the metros and tier 1 cities, they seem to have impacted tier 2 cities. Hiring from tier 2 towns is expected to fall by two points in the current half year, the report added.



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