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BiggBang Coworking Space Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula – What makes it your No1. Choice?

If you are looking for a coworking space in Chandigarh and around Tricity, this can take you days and even months to find the perfect coworking space. But not anymore with BiggBang in your corner, we assure you do not have to worry about this anymore.

 A coworking space has amenities like every other private office, but we are not looking for a basic one. When we said we would help you find the best, we meant it. 

Now with the BiggBang coworking space, you get high-speed internet, ample parking space, private offices, meeting rooms, event space, free beverages are just a few things. First, we will know all about them deeply, which will make you fall in love with your work and this coworking space in particular.

Why should you opt for a coworking space in the first place?

People have been going on and making a fuss about why you should not opt for a coworking space and how it is a disaster. But hey, you can’t be the judge of it without knowing two sides of the story. 

Coworking has grown in recent times since 2005, and that is not in vain. There is a reason for it. Additional perks of a coworking space are many, but one that is always there and will be there is the amount of knowledge you gain while working in a coworking space.

 Large companies from different fields in a coworking space help you teach all about them. 

And trust us, knowledge can’t be bought; it can just be shared. Except for this other and detailed reasons why people prefer coworking spaces:

A wide network waiting for you:

  • One of the major advantages of working in a coworking space is the network you establish because of the people hailing from different backgrounds. 
  • You also surround yourself with more motivated and goal-oriented people who have a great impact on your working habits.
  • You learn about various work areas and techniques and do not leave you being fish of a small pond.

Flexible work timing suitable according to you:

  • One of the best things about the coworking space is the flexible work timings you get with them. 
  • For example, you have to work early morning or late at night, that is a problem at all. Because all of the coworking spaces are open for 24 hours and you can choose the time slot you want according to you. 
  • Also, because the membership at fixed desks or other spaces of the coworking space is monthly or annually rather than for a certain daytime.

Put a bar on the expenses:

  • The coworking spaces, as we all know, are cost-efficient. Rather than paying up for the whole office, you only pay a small amount for the space you are using. 
  • The other amenities like the internet, cabinets, sitting, and all others are already included in the package so that you can use all of them for a particular duration. 

This was all about why coworking spaces are your best pick. Now for the time, we tell you why BiggBang coworking space is the best choice.

The sense of Happiness:

  • Working in a coworking room, you surround yourself with inspired and enthusiastic professionals like yourself. 
  • You have a chance to socialize, enjoy all the facilities, and work the way you live. This gives rise to morality and enthusiasm, which results in a more cheerful day of work!

Workspaces at BiggBang Coworking

Shared workspaces are something that is appreciated in a coworking space. The more types of workspaces, the more you have options to explore what suits the best for you. At BiggBang, you have everything you can imagine for:

i) Hot desks:

  • Often, there are people whose working skills do not align with sitting in one place and working. They need a change of place now and then. 
  • Fo them BiggBang presents you with hot desking. If you like an area too much that you would want to work at them, you can book it annually or monthly just in case. 
  • Hot desking is required as it imposes free will and a better work environment as you can meet different people with skills every time you change a spot.

ii) Dedicated desks at your service:

  • It is okay if you like only one place to sit and work forever; BiggBang has that taken care of for you too. 
  • At BiggBang, you can have your own dedicated desk where you can set up your office. The desks are available for use for everyone and can be booked for weekly, monthly, and annually as well. 
  • The desks are fully equipped with cabinets, cables, and high-speed internet so that nothing could stand in between you and your work. 

iii) Your own personal office:

  • Your office’s comfort cannot be denied; to be honest, if you are looking for them; we are at your service.
  • BiggBang has a wide range of private offices set up in line exclusively for you. The private offices can be personalized in whatever pattern or manner you want.
  • These offices are equipped with the best amenities like high-speed internet, comfortable seating, and a motivating set. Private offices can also be booked for a month or a whole year.

The meeting rooms

  • The beginning of a project is always from a meeting room. It is only one meeting that makes or breaks the whole deal with your clients. 
  • And when it comes to your staff, it is always best to use a meeting room to discuss their problems and issues. After all, a meeting room is made for that reason. 
  • But if you do not have a meeting room, things do not look as good and confident as they would have. Taking care of all that, the meeting rooms at Biggbang is at your rescue.
  • The meeting rooms or the conference room can accommodate up to 12 people at one time to be all ears to you. 
  • The seating is equipped with comfortable seats and tables so that nothing comes in the way of your perfect meeting. 
  • Also other than this, the meeting rooms are equipped with the internet, projector, kitchenette, and the aesthetic design is just top-notch. 

Event space

  • The importance of event space in a coworking space cannot be neglected. Each office offers a corporate event, and it would be a shame if they would have to leave their office and go out in search of a venue.
  • To save you from this embarrassment, BiggBang also has event spaces ready for you; the event spaces can be used to hold any event you name. 
  • They can be motivational talks, a press conference, a formal discussion, or just a corporate party. 
  • The event rooms can accommodate a large number of people, say 70 at a time, and are loaded with the best audio and visual systems. 
  • The staging area will surely leave a mark on your audience when you stand and deliver what you have to say.
  • The event spaces have to be booked before the event for at least a month. There is a free beverage provision for the audience but can be customized to snacks as the kitchen is readily available. 


  • All things aside, a coworking space is bound to have the best cafeteria there is at any working space. 
  • The cafeteria is the only place where people find an escape and rest a while away from the workload. Therefore BiggBang has what you need. 
  • The cafeteria is loaded with provisions for meals which is open for 24 hours. 
  • You can order breakfast and other meals at a very nominal cost and even order something of your choice.
  • As far as the beverage section goes, the beverage vending machine is at your service at all times to take care of your caffeine needs. 

Other amenities:

Other amenities at BiggBang include the following:

  • High internet speed
  • Resting area
  • Ample parking space
  • 24-hour security 
  • Cleaning services 

To book a tour at BiggBang, call us at +91-8544951234 or visit https://biggbang.com/

This was all we had to tell you. Now you know all about working in a coworking space. Whatever you choose, do that wisely and in the best interest of yourself.



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