Bill Gates and Warren Buffet partner on Nuclear Project in Wyoming

Two billionaire innovator friends Bill Gates & Warren Buffet are coming together to present the world with a first-of-its-kind Natrium based advanced nuclear reactor. The project will be developed in Wyoming. The Governor of Wyoming Mark Gordon said that the project would bring a number of well-paid jobs to the state.

Bill Gates Nuclear company TerraPower and Warren Buffet’s power company PacifiCorp issued a press release to announce the partnership on the nuclear reactor project called Natrium, on the site of the old coal plant. The reactor when running at full capacity will produce power for four hundred thousand homes.

This nuclear reactor will derive power from a carbon-free source and will be much more efficient as compared to other traditional nuclear reactors that are hazardous and pose deadly risks for the ecosystem of the neighborhood. The nuclear reactor is expected to be cheap, efficient, cleaner than other sources.

Governor Mark Gordon of Wyoming is clearly very enthusiastic about the reactor. He said he has always been interested in nuclear power as it is the cleanest and fastest source to becoming carbon-negative.