Dogecoin results in DogeChain
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Billy Markus rejects a generous offer made by DogeChain

Dogecoin creator refuses a hefty sum of $14 million from Dogechain, to promote the latter and to help create a hype around it

  • The similarities and differences between dogecoin and dogechain
  • Dogecoin creator rejects to promote DogeChain
  • Markus’s move was to avoid betraying the community
  • DogeChain’s proposal to bridge the gap for Dogecoin and Web3


The similarities and differences between Dogecoin and DogeChain

DogeChain's offer rejected by Cogecoin creator
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One of the basic and key similarity that both of these entities share is of course the name “Doge.” Though the developers and creators of Dogecoin and DogeChain are different, they share the same theme which is a dog themed ideological value. Basically, DogeChain is a separate network built by Polygon and is compatible with EVM. Dogecoin on the other hand is a cryptocurrency built by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer.

As DogeChain visions to gain more users and more attention in the market, it went on to offer the Dogecoin creator an opportunity to promote dogechain for which he would be getting around 10 billion of DOGE, which was valued at $14 million at the time of writing. But the offer was not accepted by the creator. Why did the creator reject the offer? What was the actual proposal made by DogeChain? Let’s dive deeper and find out

Markus’s move to reject the offer was to stand with the community

Billy Markus, one of the co-creators of Dogecoin was offered an hefty amount by Dogechain, but the creator straight away rejected the offer. According to him, the news shouldn’t be given much importance, and move on with the market.

As soon as Billy concluded his statement, it was published in the social media and people from the community started showering their responses. Most of the responses were directed towards the creator, respecting him for not betraying the community that has been built.

But, why did the betrayal come into the picture at all? What was the proposal made by Dogechain? Lets see.

Dogechain, officially went on to ask the creator to collaborate with them, by offering DogeCoin on their platform. Basically, DogeChain was intending to bridge the gap between Dogecoin and Web3. Hence, the creator bluntly refused the offer and stood with the already existing community of the cryptocurrency.


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