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Binance acquires a $200 million stake in Forbes

Binance acquires a $200 million stake in Forbes as a part of their strategic investment. Having a stake in such a large media company can give them much power over what they want to communicate globally. This deal is undoubtedly going to help promote cryptocurrencies and create more awareness regarding them. This investment is also funny because Binance sued Forbes in 2020 for defamation though it dropped the case later on.

Binance acquires a $200 million stake in Forbes

There has always been a lot of rumors and wrong information being spread about crypto. This is the reason that having a good way to communicate to the public the right things is game-changing. Binance’s CEO also said that this would help them create a broader understanding and education in the crypto space. He also cleared that despite the investment made by Binance, Forbes will be staying independent.

Binance acquires a $200 million stake in Forbes

Image Source: Forbes

This acquisition will also help Binance promote itself and get even more investors on board globally. In fact, the company is looking to invest in other companies as well. This will give them even more opportunities to boost the adoption of blockchain. So, all in all, this investment is more of a way for Binance to reach the masses.

And for those who are worrying that this will degrade the quality or sanctity of content put out by Forbes, it won’t. Like Binance’s CEO, the chief communication officer of Forbes also said that they would remain independent as they did for all these years. It seems pretty ingenious that while other companies are investing in ads and commercials, Binance got a stake in one of the most popular media companies itself.

More about the deal

It is reported that before the deal, Forbes was valued at around $630 million, which means Binance $200M is around 30% of the company. The company was initially a print media company, and the recent transition to digital wasn’t that smooth. Therefore, the owners put up the Forbes for sale, and it was acquired by Whale Media in 2013 for a majority stake. It will be essential to see once the deal gets finalized properly what is the stake owned by Binance.

What are your thoughts as Binance acquires a $200 million stake in Forbes? And do you think this will affect their content? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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