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Binance is looking for a new CEO as it plans to go public in the US

Binance is looking for a new CEO as the company is planning to go public in the US. This will be by launching an IPO of its US wing. This change in leadership is being looked into, to help them get out of the regulatory waters. As of now, every day, they get into some trouble or other with the officials who are hampering the company’s operations. So, with the new CEO having a good regulatory understanding will be beneficial for them.

Binance is planning to change leadership

The company has been facing a lot of problems from the authorities in major nations. They are already being warned by the UK’s authority as well as the US for various reasons. And this has led Binance to become one of the most targeted exchanges. They have also received warnings from other countries like Japan, Italy for allegedly operating without permission. And the only way this can be solved or avoided in the future will be to have someone on the inside with knowledge in the matter.

Binance is looking for a new CEO

The exchange is still the world’s largest, but in order to remain so, they do need someone else. Therefore, the company’s current CEO “CZ” has announced that they are looking for a new CEO. And the primary requirement is to have a “very strong regulatory background”, said CZ.

Binance’s plan to go public

Binance has plans to go public in the US and probably other nations too. But in order to do so, they need to work in concordance with the government. As of now, the kind of repeated warnings they are getting and the regulatory issues they face will get in the way of their IPO approval. In order for an IPO to happen, they also need a more solid corporate structure which is what they are trying to build right now.

If Binance becomes public, then it will be the second major crypto company after Coinbase. Going public will help Binance raise funds and help them fulfil their funding requirements in a more effective manner.

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