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Binance partners with Mastercard to bring crypto reward card to Argentina

Binance partners with Mastercard to offer a very attractive crypto card in Argentina. It will make Argentina the first LA nation to have Binance’s MasterCard. This is the crypto exchange’s attempt to ensure that they are able to push crypto adoption in every possible way. Since crypto has been designed to make payments but using it directly is difficult. Crypto cards are an easy way to overcome that problem and also offer good rewards to users.

What does Binance’s Mastercard offer?

To gain access to the card, the user first needs to verify themselves with the Documento Nacional de Identidad. After this, once they get the card, it will allow them to pay for anything with Bitcoin, BNB, and some stablecoins. However, the best part of this card is that users can enjoy up to 8% cashback and rewards and zero fees on ATM withdrawals.

Binance partners with Mastercard to bring crypto reward card to Argentina

Do not rush not to get this card after hearing about the 8% cashback. Binance has clearly mentioned that the rewards will be “up to” 8%, and the highest slab will only be in select stores. Still, it is great, and if you are into crypto cards and are planning to get one, Binance Mastercard will be a good option.

Binance’s Mastercard is currently available only in Argentina among the Latin American countries. However, more regions will soon be added to the list. It shows that Latin America has a lot of potential to grow as a crypto epicenter. There are already countries like El Savdalor that have become tourist hubs because of their approach to cryptocurrencies.

How does the MasterCard work?

Businesses that accept crypto often have to deal with the volatility that comes with it. But in the case of the Binance Mastercard, that is a different story. At the time of the transaction, the crypto will be converted to fiat and then hit the business’s bank account. This way, it is a win-win situation for everyone. Businesses do not have to worry about cash flow problems while accepting crypto payments. And users can spend their holdings with ease.

What are your thoughts as Binance partners with Mastercard to launch a crypto card in Argentina? And do you think that their card will become popular? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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