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Bitcoin is a technical solution to get 8 million people property rights: Michael Saylor

MicroStrategy’s association with Bitcoin is a well-known fact the company keeps its wealth in the asset. The company reaffirms its faith in Bitcoin now and then. Today, the company’s CEO Michael Saylor in an interview with Fox News made some bold claims about the decentralized medium of finance.

Talking about the issue of EL Salvador recognizing Bitcoin as a legal tender, the CEO appeared very enthusiastic about it. The CEO said, “..You want to have personal custody of it, You can have that with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a technical solution to get 8 million people property rights. I can own a hundred dollars in my hand as I can own a billion dollars.”.

Talking about El Salvador specifically he said, ” In El Salvador, you have a bund of people who don’t have access to Bank and they don’t have access to Wall Street so when their relatives send money bank to El Salvador they have to send it through money transfer agencies. They get the money they lose 10 to 20 percent of its value because they are storing it in a currency, not in an asset. The thing about bitcoin is, it lets you store money in an asset that goes up in value and lets you move that asset at lightning speed all around the planet.”

He praised the President of El Salvador for seizing the opportunity to help its people and putting the country on the map of digital finance. Answering Sean Hannity’s question about why Bitcoin should be preferred over other digital assets like ethereum he said that Bitcoin is the oldest, strongest, better-performing asset, and it’s easy to keep track of 21 million coins in cyberspace. He also said the durability, security, and integrity make it a top choice candidate for making legal tender.



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