Bitcoin law critic Mario Gomez arrested in El Salvador

El Salvador will soon become the first country to make Bitcoin a legal tender on 7th September. While some understand how this can improve the country’s economy, other’s don’t. In fact, most of the country’s citizens are not in favour of this new law. In fact, some have spoken about this out in public. And recently, the Bitcoin law critic Mario Gomez was arrested in El Salvador without any warranty (allegedly), probably due to the same reason. Now, if that is the case, it seems that the government is trying to shut people off who are against this new law.

What happened to Mario Gomez?

Mario is an IT specialist who has been against the legal adoption of Bitcoin. He was a vocal critic and has shown his disagreement with the government time and again. After he was arrested, even his attorney said that the police didn’t have any arrest warrant for him. But on the other hand, the police said that he was arrested because of the ongoing financial fraud investigation.

Bitcoin Law critic Mario Gómez
Image Source: David Gerad

While the arrest happened, Mario’s mother was with him. They were in their car when the police stopped them, asked Mario to come out and go with them. They also seized his smartphone and kept it with them. In fact, when they demanded to see the arrest warrant, the police persisted in taking him. They also threatened to handcuff him if he didn’t cooperate and came with them. Mario seems to have no clue why he was arrested, and all this seems a little shady.

The other side

While we have heard the story from Mario’s side, the police said that he was not arrested. He was just taken to the police station for investigation due to the email phishing scam that he allegedly orchestrated. But the lawyer of Mario is saying time and again that the reason for the arrest is not clear. In fact, the police are not even telling them which unit is pressing the charges on Mario Gomez.

It seems that Mario’s statements against Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador have put him in this trouble. He has smartly tried to uncover the loopholes in this new law, which might have flustered the government, and take this decision.

What are your thoughts on the arrest of Bitcoin law critic Mario Gomez without any warrant? And do you think this is because he is an outspoken critic of the law? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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