Bitcoin whale on a buying spree
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Bitcoin Whales buying bitcoins in bulk as the prices are low!

Bitcoin’s way down from May.

Bitcoin, the world’s most capitalized cryptocurrency peaked at $69,000 in November 2021. Since then, the prices of the cryptocurrency have been going downward. The bitcoin which peaked in November, reached to its lowest value recorded in the past two years in Mid-June trading at under $20,000. The loss of value of Bitcoin from November was around 70%. The main reason for the fall in the prices of the cryptocurrency was the devastating market crash which swept aways a lot of fiscal deposits from the market.

Bitcoin prices are slowly surging.

Bitcoin prices surging
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From the start of July, the prices of Bitcoin have slowly but surely started to surge. The main advantage for bitcoin is that, the cryptocurrency is the world’s most reputed cryptocurrency. In a way, bitcoin represents the entire cryptocurrency market and is the leader among the digital assets. The price surge of bitcoin has been made possible majorly by BTC Whales.

Cryptocurrency Whales!

From a layman’s point of view, a crypto whale is a wallet that has accounted for holding a particual cryptocurrency in a noteworthy number. Bitcoin Whales are the investors, who hold a significant number of bitcoins in their wallet.

The investors across the world follow these whales so much because, the whales have the capability to single handedly influence the performance of the cryptocurrency they deal with. Whales have the capacity to hold more than 10% of the total number of specific currency present across the globe.


Bitcoin Whales buying bitcoin in bulk.

According to developments from the reports of Glassnode, the whales who hold more than 1000 Bitcoins have started adopting the strategy of buying more and more bitcoins at a lower rate and have been observed in a buying spree. Reportedly, these whales are being accumulating around 140 K bitcoin every month and that too directly from the cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the estimates, it is constituted that the BTC Whales hold about 8.7 millions of bitcoins, constituting 45.6% of total bitcoin available across the globe.

Also, it is noted that the daily trading volume of bitcoin has increased by $54.5 billion in the meantime. However, the latest price increase has reinforced its supremacy. A negative macroeconomic outlook, according to the survey, has had an impact on the worldwide cryptocurrency market.

Writer’s Analysis:

Observing the buying spree of BTC whales and the surge in the prices of Bitcoins, the situation for the market seems to be improving by a small margin. The market’s way back to normalcy will be a hard one and a long one, but steps like these surely add up to the process that the market is undergoing to get back to bullish from bearish phenomenon.