Boeing 737 MAX 10
REG N27751 Airframe Info AIRLINE Boeing Fleet Info AIRPORT Renton Municipal (Clayton Scott Field) (RNT / KRNT) United States SERIAL 66122 / 7644 AIRCRAFT Boeing 737-10 MAX Production List DATE 4 March 2020 REMARK First Taxi test Chris Edwards 262 EXIF DATA Canon EOS 7D Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM 1/200 f/10 200 170.0 mm

Boeing 737 MAX 10 project to be suspended if not given exemption on EICAS – CEO of Boeing

American aircraft manufacturing company Boeing is planning to take a drastic step of pulling out all the new Boeing 737 MAX 10 aircraft from certification and distribution process if the aircraft is not given certain exemptions regarding safety regulations.

The United States Congress in 2020 passed a law which introduced new safety regulations and guidelines which are supposed to be followed in new planes to be certified. The law named Aircraft Safety and Certification Reform Act makes it mandatory for all planes certified after 31st December 2o22 to be fitted with an EICAS.

EICAS ( Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system ) system helps the crew to get access to various parameters of the flight and analyse any issues with the aircraft. Instead of lighting buttons and switches, CAS (crew-alerting system) in EICAS shows the failures of the system on a panel in the form of a list of messages.

Aircraft and aircraft companies who do not comply with the new regulations would not be certified from 2023 onwards. The law passed by congress had certain new guidelines and regulations regarding crew alert management systems and such, which is expected to make flights safer for passengers and crew.

Now the Boeing Company has asked for an exemption in complying with regulations regarding crew alert or otherwise would halt all the projects and manufacturing related to the new Boeing 737 MAX 10.

Boeing 737 MAX 10 is one of the most awaited aircraft with more than 500 bookings from various airlines and customers from around the world.

Since Boeing 727 MAX 10s does not have EICAS technology, it would cost the Boeing company a huge amount of money to add this new system to each and every new plane. Other than physical updates, providing training to pilots regarding usage of EICAS would also be a hectic and heavily costly affair for the company.

The new aircraft are designed and produced in such a way that any pilot who has flying experience with any forms of 737s can fly 737 MAX 10 also.

Chief Executive Officer of the Boeing company . David Calhoun, told in an interview with Aviation Week network that company is willing to pull out the entire 737 MAX 10 project if the aircraft is not made an exemption in complying with the new rules. Even an extension in timelines of the regulations would be accepted by the company.

He said that company has presented authorities with the necessary information which makes the claims of being for an extension very authentic and reasonable. Mr Calhoun also said that he is willing to take the risk of a fight and if he loses the fight he would just accept it as it is and move on.

He also added that he believes to get a favourable outcome regardless of the timing, and we should be able to see Boeing 737 MAX 1o’s flying in the sky.