Blackstone CEO says India has been its best market for investment in the world.

PM Modi meeting
Stephen Schwarzman and PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is lubricating the business domain to ensure smooth forward movement. His three-day US visit wherein he met with leading corporate leaders attests to the same. Among the various leaders, PM Modi also met with Blackstone CEO, Stephen Schwarzman. If the reports are to be believed their meeting was rather “productive” and might result in further reforms in the business sector. From the reports and the tweets following the discussions from the Prime Minister’s office also suggests that the meetings were satisfactory and fruitful. In addition to this, Schwarzman also hinted about Blackstone’s plans to power up the investments in India.

Scope and Hope

In the meetings with the various leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi took special effort to emphasise the wide array of opportunities in India which can be of great help in nurturing the various investmnets. In a scenario where India is moving rather quickly in the direction of progress, investments can reap great results. As stated in the earlier tweet, Blackstone has already invested about 60 billion USD in various assets in India. In the course of the meeting, the prime minister also stated the potential and scope for further expansion of Blackstone’s investments in the country. To this effect, he also mentioned the wide range of reforms carried out in the country. Special emphasis was given to Asset Monetisation and Bad Bank. Perhaps, the right notes were played or the discussion struck a chord, because the Blackstone CEO added that the company has plans of investing another 40 billion US Dollars in various assets across the country. From the events that have unfolded, it seems like India is about to witness a new dawn of development and growth.

The Blackstone CEO also expressed his optimism about India’s potnetial, in addition to stating that “it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world.” He was also appreciative about the various reforms made in the country that helped in boosting growth. In addition to the Blackstone CEO, Prime Minister Modi also had one-on-one meetings with Vivek Lall (CEO of General Atomics), Shantanu Narayen(Adobe), Cristiano E Amon(Qualcomm), and Mark Widmar(First Solar).

The Prime Minister is also gearing up for his very first in-person meeting with the US Vice President, Kamala Harris. This is PM Modi’s seventh visit to the United States since he assumed office in the year 2014. Following the meeting with Vice President Harris, he will travel to New York and also address the UN General Assembly.