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BluChip NFT Marketplace Launches Its First NFT Auction of a One-of-a-Kind Keith Haring Subway Drawing on the BluChip NFT Auction Site
A blue chip NFT is generally well-known, established, stable, and considered to be a good long-term investment.

Blue Chip NFTs

Credits: https://nftska.com/

BluChip today announced their intriguing NFT Auction, which allows for the purchase of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that are linked to a one-of-a-kind appealing artwork Masterwork. With this capability, BluChip NFTs now have genuine actual resource esteem intended for a-list craftsmanship, making our BluChip NFTs more important than ever before, while elevating the NFT commercial center as an appealing choice for genuine craftsmanship authorities, financial backers, and astute dealers. This innovative BluChip NFT Marketplace enables craftsmanship authorities, cryptographic money backers, advanced resource theorists, and others to gain access to significant NFT resources that can be specifically traded for the genuine work of art the NFT addresses — all through a strong, unchanging Smart Contract on the Solana blockchain.

Barters for several additional BluChip NFTs should be available “soon around the bend” on BluChip’s website. BluChip’s one-of-a-kind Smart Contract innovation enables bidders to offer swappable NFTs of one-of-a-kind Masterworks by Haring, Warhol, Stik, Traylor, and Abercrombie, Banksy, Kline, Mitchel, Bill Traylor, and others, with the winning bidder trading to own a profoundly significant, extremely sought-after show stopper. With an advanced sign that connects BluChip’s NFTs to genuine craftsmanship, the NFT may essentially be exchanged for the real historical center-grade magnum opus.

Here, BluChip NFT is auctioning off a Keith Haring piece titled “Money in Hand.” This one-of-a-kind, intriguing, and extraordinary NFT is scanned from the original artwork, which is shown as chalk on black banner paper and was used for Subway advertisements. The redeeming BluChip NFT remarkable workmanship, presuming exchanged, is 28 x 17 inches – Framed: 31.25 x 22.25 inches – around 1980-85 with a reasonable Appraisal by Alex Rosenberg, New York that puts forth the floor price for this incredible NFT.

The offering starts today at 1495 SOL per tale. Make an effort not to overlook this arrangement.

BluChip’s Background

BluChip’s website is located at https:/BluChipNFT.co. BluChip intends to be the world’s first website for purchasing BluChip NFTs of grand opuses supported by sophisticated tokens.

Make the most of your opportunity to win an unloaded BluChip NFT of gallery-quality artwork by visiting BluChip’s website during the first few days. Warhol, Harings, Stik, Traylor, Banksy, Abercrombie, Kline, Mitchel, and BluChip Sculptures from the Foundry Michelangelo are among the numerous items that will be recognized for their underlying contributions, so don’t miss it!

BluChip’s outstanding platform enables users to purchase BluChip NFTs that are attached to the original piece of art or model. If you decide that true craftsmanship is more precious to you than the non-fungible token, you will effectively need to trade it in to get a magnum opus (postage is the obligation of the NFT proprietor). This application proves that you can choose which side of the deal you want to be on. Begin collecting artwork right now by visiting BluChip’s NFT Marketplace! Bid to win the creative masterpiece that you will always want to own.



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