BMW announces its one millionth EV sale, aims 2M sales by 2025

BMW announces its mark on reaching 1 million EV sales this month. Further adds its ambitious goals to reach 2 million sales by 2025. The 1 millionth record is including both hybrid and electric vehicles, but for 2025 the automakers aim to sell 2 million all-electric vehicles. Around 70% of the 1 million EVs sold were hybrid vehicles.

By 2025, BMW has 1 mln EV sales, and 2 mln fully electric sales | List23: Latest U.S. & World News
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The sales on Hybrid come especially as there is limited infrastructure in many locations. Infrastructure like charging stations is yet to be installed. The company believed hybrid models would continue to play an important role in particular for customers without easy access to chargers.

Continuing to modernise fossil fuel-burning cars was another important step towards making the industry more sustainable, he said: “Only then can we make a difference across the customer base.”

BMW has long stood for investing in a range of technologies rather than focusing purely on battery-electric cars to reduce emissions and opposes flat-out bans on purchasing combustion engine cars. The carmaker aims for at least 50% of global sales to be fully electric by 2030 but has repeated on numerous occasions that lacking charging infrastructure was a major barrier to quicker consumer uptake of electric vehicles.

Sales in November were slightly below last year’s levels, Nota said, as a lack of chips continued to restrict supply. However, the company remained confident that it would see absolute revenue growth compared to last year, he said.

Shrink in customization

A few weeks ago, BMW was known to shrink options for its customers. Especially as supply chain shortage exists, features like color options to the wheel rims are being limited. For a long BMW prided itself for having a wide range of options available.

In 2017, the company has 15 variations with the ability to mix and match. Though the numbers are increasing with respect to sales, the manufacturing of electric vehicles achieving economic scale is not sufficient. Chief financial officer of BMW, Nicolas Peter said, “We will especially reduce the number of available combinations, because certain combinations make no sense at all, and are never chosen,”