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Bugsnax Is Coming To Steam In 2022

Bugsnax Is Coming To Steam In 2022

Credit @ Young Horses

The first-person adventure body horror game BugSnax will be released on Steam in 2022. Developer Young Horse Games announced today that the game will come to the PC platform. PC gamers will be able to explore the disturbing and charming world of BUGSNAX when the game is released on Steam next year, the developer announced.

Bugsnax, a Game of the Year, and another round of bizarre adventures are coming to Steam. Young Horse will release the PC version of the game in 2022 on Steam, the developer said. The game debuted as a PlayStation 5 and PS4 launch title in November of last year, with versions for PC and Mac on Epic Games Store , the Steam version to be launched next year.

Bugsnax is available in the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac versions of Bugsnax, but exclusive store sales will end next year when the game is released on Steam. This exclusivity has come to an end as Young Horse tweeted that the game will be available in 2022 on Steam for PC and Mac.

Kevin Zuhn, Creative Director and author, teased GamingBolt in a statement that fans could look forward to some meaty news, some juicy surprises, and a talk show bug. Young Horse has not set a release date for the game on Steam, but the 2022 window is definitely in. We are preparing more diligent news and some juicy surprises. They are pleased to present BUGSNAX to a new audience on Steam.

It is a colorful adventure game set on Snaktooth Island, where half beetles and half snack creatures live. There are over 100 different types of bugsnax, each of which has its own unique characteristics, and you have to use different fishing methods to get them. The game crosses the mysterious island of Snaktooth. Through friendship and reconnecting with the inhabitants of the town of Snacksburg (an important part of which is Snaketooth), players learn about the relationships between the various characters on the secret island that is home to half beetle and half snack creatures known as bug snacks.

The era of epic game exclusivity seems to be coming to an end, which means that Steam will finally be able to listen to this catchy music and catch a steam bunger or two. The Bugsnax store page on Steam shows that the game will appear on Valve’s storefront in 2022. So if you’ve been waiting for the game to reach different storefronts for your PC game time, you’ll finally have a chance to catch Snax on your own next year when it hits Steam.



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