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How do great leaders build trust !

(Image Credits : dantudor.com)
(Image Credits : dantudor.com)

Trust is one of the most important ingredients of leadership. No manager can ever become a leader without the team trusting him or her. It becomes even more important in the startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem where the success or failure of the company and thereby of a lot of people working in the company depends on you. In such situations, it is the trust the employees have in you that keeps your company going. Here are a few tips on what great leaders do to gain trust from their teams.

They make sure that they are really good at and are extremely passionate about their work.

Great leaders always let their work speak for them. Being good at what you do sets an example for the team. It also sets a benchmark for the kind of performance that is expected from the team. It makes the team responsible towards their own work and generates a feeling of trust among the team that if and when something goes wrong, they can look at you for help.

Passion and enthusiasm towards ones work is infection. It not only spills over to the rest of the team but also creates a sense among the team that you are really committed to what you do and you will make sure that the venture is a success.

Make sure that you always model the behavior you seek !

They have a lot of self-awareness

The kind of leaders who are trusted by their employees are the ones who are aware of their own strengths and weaknesses and are not scared of admitting them. One of the strongest quality in a leader is to admit their weaknesses and to show their willingness to improve upon it. Admitting to a weakness only tells that team that it is okay to not know something as long as you are willing to learn about it. It creates an environment of openness and trust.

They care about and always want the best for their people

Lets face it, no matter how dedicated your team is, everyone will always have their own ambitions and own interests. The best or the most trusted leaders are the ones who always want the best for each and every individual in their team. They really care about your growth and try to do everything to make sure that you excel in what you do.

On a personal side too, great leaders always try and understand your situation and are accommodating towards your personal situations. They always put the people first instead of putting the company or the money first.

Listening is one of the most important virtues when it comes to being a good leader. Make sure that you listen to your team and the team will work wonders for you.

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