Bumble Brew

Bumble opens restaurant in NYC, promotes conventional dating

Bumble Brew
Source: PCMag India

Bumble, the women-led online dating platform is one of the most popular ones across the globe but ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has struck our lives, dating in person has become absolutely impossible. However, love always finds a way, and ‘virtual dating’ became a real thing. According to reports, people used to spend hours and hours dating online on phone calls and video calls during the Pandemic-induced lockdowns but honestly, it is a task. 

Anyhow, as more and more people are getting vaccinated, Bumble takes an initiative to promote conventional dating so that people can go back to dating in real-time. Recently, the online dating platform has announced plans to launch its own restaurant with the name “Bumble Brew”.

So, if you are living in New York, Bumble Brew can soon become your go-to spot for dating in person. As mentioned in a report by Engadget, Bumble Brew would be a restaurant/ cafe/wine bar where you can take your partner on a perfect date. 

Reportedly, Bumble Brew will open for breakfast service on July 24th in New York City, the Lunch and Dinner dining will begin at the Nolita spot in the coming weeks, as mentioned in a report by Engadget. The report further mentions that Bumble Brew will be an 80-seat dining room with included private dining space, a cocktail bar, and patio dining. 

Sources suggest that the restaurant will use Bumble’s color theme of black and yellow and is reportedly built on Bumble Hive pop-up community service that allows people to eat, drink and hang out together. 

Italian-inspired menu and female-focused music are small nuances that bring out the exclusivity of Bumble’s new restaurant. Although, there have been no reports of Bumble Brew being integrated into the company’s online dating service but we can predict that sooner or later, Bumble users will easily be able to make their dating reservations directly from the Bumble app. 

Having said that, the pandemic-induced lockdowns have been a rough couple of months for online dating services but as things drive back to normal, Bumble is making sure that it serves what users seek, and with Bumble Brew, the company is diving into a whole new business revenue stream that has the potential to expand worldwide. 

Furthermore, Bumble still continues to introduce new features to improve users’ virtual dating experience as it recently brought the new ‘Night In’ and Video Notes to keep its users engaged.