BYD considers producing EVs in Uzbekistan

BYD expands to Central Asia by launching three models this month

BYD is further expanding globally, as it enters into the Uzbekistan market with 3 models this month. This would increase its presence in Central Asia. The models include the Han EV and two hybrid plug-ins. BYD is a Chinese manufacturing conglomerate founded in 1995.

BYD considers producing EVs in Uzbekistan
Image credits- CnEVPost

Though BYD’s subsidiary didn’t evolve until eight years later. Still, BYD is touting two decades of automotive experience and has recently had the foresight to adapt to a new future propelled entirely by electrification. In fact, the automaker recently built its final combustion vehicle, leaning further into its current status as one of the world’s largest plug-in EV manufacturers, despite most of its vehicles being sold solely in China. That status has shifted in the past year or so, however, as BYD has looked to expand outside of Asia to provide global access to its growing lineup of all-electric vehicles.

In the summer of 2022, BYD Auto shared plans to expand further through Asia by begin selling its EVs in the Japanese market. That news was quickly followed by a vow to sell EVs in Germany and Sweden as well. Other markets have been announced since then including Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, and, most recently, the UK.

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BYD is turning its sights back on Asia and looking west, as it has announced entry into Uzbekistan, beginning with three electrified models available to order as early as this month. The automaker announced the official launch during a BYD and Uzbekistan New Energy Vehicle Premiere event held on March 16, which shared the pre-sale pricing for three models seen above. The launch includes two PHEVs – the BYD Chazor, Song Plus DM-i, plus the all-electric BYD Han which we recently got to test drive for ourselves here in the States.

The press release said, “The first BYD new energy vehicles arrived in Uzbekistan in March, with a second delivery already in progress and due early in April, bringing customers in Uzbekistan an all-new NEV experience thanks to cutting-edge hybrid DM-i and EV technologies developed by BYD.” Beginning in late March, BYD says it will open “Pioneer Stores” across Uzbekistan’s capital of Tashkent, beginning in the Sergeli district followed by a showroom in Oloy. A second Pioneer Store is slotted to follow in Yunusobod in early April. BYD shared that preparations to enter the Uzbekistan market in Central Asia began in December of 2022 and have been made possible so quickly through a joint venture with UzAuto to assemble the EVs in the country. The Chinese automaker is describing its latest market entry as a foundation for “exciting collaboration in the future” that already includes cooperation with local dealers to provide BYD customers with localized sales and after-sales service and support.