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Byju’s Classes brings new ‘Two-Teacher Advantage’ model to guide students

Byju’s the world’s most valuable ed-tech platform now adds a new feature for after-school online tutoring programs. The new feature, dubbed as ‘Two-Teacher Advantage,’ is designed to improve learning since that students have rejoined physical classes.

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Byju’s Classes is India’s first online tuition platform to adopt a two-teacher approach, with the objective of providing superior learning experiences and high-quality teaching to a large extent to improve students’ scores.

Byju’s Classes focus on providing a relatively new strategy to learning that would be in compliance with the present situation and student demands. Students are taught by one professional educator who uses informative visuals and storytelling to illustrate topics in-depth to ensure deeper understanding, while the second teacher addresses instant doubts and questions, pays individually tailored guidance, and makes the sessions interactive and interesting. Students will be benefited from the best of both worlds, as they have access to high-quality teachers as well as personal guidance.

The new two-teacher package from Byju’s will be available as a standalone offering at a monthly cost of almost Rs. 2,500. This course is only available for math and science students from grades 4 to 10 as of now and the company expects to see a lot of involvement in it.

Mrinal Mohit, Chief Operating Officer, Byju’s explains, “The ‘Two Teacher Model’ is a one-of-its-kind offering in the Indian online tuition segment. It provides students access to the best teachers along with live and interactive instant doubt resolutions that closely simulate the offline classroom environment. The classes will be conducted in small batches and students can choose weekday/weekend batches as per their school curriculum.”

The ed-tech platform performed comprehensive research with students in the country and discovered that having two teachers in a class helps to improve learning behaviors. The research also highlighted improved attention span, engagement, and conceptual clarity, all of which aided in the reinforcement as well as retention of lesson subjects.

Digital education became more widely accepted since the pandemic acted as a turning point and a learning opportunity for the ed-tech industry. This is translated in the Two-Teacher Advantage. According to a press release, Byju’s classes are structured to deliver conceptual clarity and doubt resolution, with two professional teachers for each element, focus to address the meaningful learning goals of every student.

Byju’s Classes will guide students with frequent homework and practice after class on its app. In addition, the platform promises to share monthly report cards, regular progress updates, and even Parent Teacher Meetings.

The world’s most valuable ed-tech startup with a valuation of $16.5 billion directly competes with Unacademy, Vedantu, Simplilearn, UpGrad, Amazon Academy, as well as other conventional education institutes in the e-learning space.



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