SafeMoon Launch memes

Twitter brims with excitement as the Safemoon Wallet is finally launched.

Twitter has yet another name to add to the trending list with the much-anticipated launch of the Safemoon wallet. The social media platform was already brimming with excitement just a few hours before the much-awaited launch, the tremors of which were reflected very well across the walls of the Twitter town. Soon enough #SAFEMOONWALLET entered the trending list on Twitter with a good amount of pomp and show as the wait finally came to an end. After all, anything related to crypto brings forth a wave of tumultuous excitement on Twitter. Here are a few tweets that sparked some raging excitement among crypto enthusiasts.

It is all about the feeling of home. Let us hope that home doesn’t change to homeless any time soon. Just being realistic. After all, we are talking about crypto. And it is a well-known fact that crypto is a domain that adheres to the quote, “change is the only constant.”

The What, How, and Why

The news concerning the launch of the Safemoon wallet has been in the air for some time now. Apparently, the delay in the launch was due to the fact that the makers were putting in the time and effort to perfect it completely. Seems like the delay actually worked in a favorable way as the surging anticipation added to the excitement which was in full swing today on Twitter.

SafeMoon is a cryptocurrency that rapidly rose to the pedestal of popularity within a few months of its launch. Then again, when it comes to crypto, instant glory and even faster reversal of glory are not uncharacteristic. SafeMoon began its journey this year in the month of March. Ever since it has witnessed a massive surge in the number of followers. After all, gaining over a million holders just a few months into the launch is not a small feat. The SafeMoon wallet is the initial product that is released by the team. Although crypto is a rather tentative domain where promises do not have a long life, the case might be slightly different for SafeMoon as the wallet adheres to the industry security standards of the highest level. This is yet another reason for the intrigue it holds.

Twitter was brimming with excitement and enthusiasm a few hours before the launch as the countdown brought people to the edge of their seats. Let us take a look at the wave of reactions and responses on Twitter that soon took SafeMoon to the trending list.

Are we talking about hidden details here?