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Call for Transparency: US Urged to Disclose UFO Evidence Amid Claims of Intact Alien Vehicles

Renewed calls have been made for the US government to disclose UFO evidence following allegations by a former intelligence official, David Grusch, that the government possesses “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles. Grusch, who previously led the analysis of unexplained anomalous phenomena within a US Department of Defense agency, claims that crucial information about these vehicles is being illegally withheld from Congress. Furthermore, Grusch alleges that he faced retaliation from government officials after sharing classified information with Congress, leading him to leave his position in April after a 14-year career in US intelligence.

Supporting Grusch’s claims, Jonathan Grey, a current US intelligence official at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (Nasic), has confirmed the existence of “exotic materials” and boldly stated, “We are not alone.” These revelations follow a series of credible sightings and reports in recent years that have reignited public interest in alien ships and potential visits.

Unveiling the Enigma: Revelation of UFO Evidence Sheds Light on Unexplained Aerial Phenomena

In 2021, the Pentagon released a report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the preferred term within the extraterrestrial community for UFOs. The report documented over 140 instances of encounters with UAP that could not be explained. This report followed the leak of military footage showing seemingly inexplicable occurrences in the sky, with navy pilots testifying to frequent encounters with enigmatic craft off the US coast.

Grusch, in an interview with Debrief journalists Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, who previously exposed the existence of a secret Pentagon UFO investigation program, revealed that the US government and defense contractors have been recovering fragments and even entire non-human craft for decades. He emphasized that these materials are not of ordinary origin, stating, “We are not talking about prosaic origins or identities. The material includes intact and partially intact vehicles.” Grusch also clarified that analysis had determined the exotic nature of these materials based on vehicle morphologies, material science testing, and the presence of unique atomic arrangements and radiological signatures.

Call for Transparency: US Urged to Disclose UFO Evidence Amid Claims of Intact Alien Vehicles
Credits: The Guardian

Confirming Grusch’s account, Grey, who analyzes unexplained anomalous phenomena within Nasic, affirms the reality of the non-human intelligence phenomenon, asserting, “We are not alone.” He further highlights that these retrievals are not limited to the United States; rather, they are a global phenomenon that continues to elude a global solution.

Insider Testimony Validates UFO Materials and Operations Recovery Program

The Debrief spoke with several of Grusch’s former colleagues, who vouched for his character. Karl E Nell, a retired army colonel, described Grusch as “beyond reproach.” Grusch’s 2022 performance review, reviewed by Debrief, portrayed him as “an officer with the strongest possible moral compass.” Nick Pope, who investigated about the UFO evidence for the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) in the 1990s, regards Grusch and Grey’s account of alien materials as highly significant. Pope underscores the significance of insiders coming forward to make formal complaints, as they do so under the understanding that making false statements carries severe consequences, such as hefty fines and potential imprisonment.

According to the Debrief, Grusch’s knowledge of non-human materials and vehicles is based on extensive interviews with high-level intelligence officials. He claims to have reported the existence of a UFO material recovery program to Congress, stating that these craft recovery operations are ongoing at various levels of activity, and he is aware of specific individuals, both current and former, involved in these operations.

Notably, Grusch does not claim personal sightings of alien vehicles nor disclose their storage locations. Due to an ongoing investigation, he requested that the Debrief withhold details about retaliation from government officials.

In June 2021, a report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence revealed 144 encounters between military pilots and UAPs from 2004 to 2021, with 80 encounters captured.